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N° OCCAR/A400M/043
dated 05/12/2014
Relating to
1. Contracting authority
Organisation for Joint Armament Co-Operation (OCCAR) / Organisation Conjointe de
coopération en matière d’Armement, represented by the Director of the OCCAR Executive
Administration (OCCAR-EA).
Godesberger Allee 140
53175 Bonn
OCCAR is an international multiprogramme organisation, providing Programme
Management Service in the name and on behalf of its Member States and Programme
Participating States. The organisation manages programmes for Defence.
For this Contract, OCCAR- is acting in the name of and on behalf of the Kingdom of Spain
(A400M Participating State) in accordance with the OCCAR Rules (
Sole point of contact
Commercial Officer
Mail to:
Copy to:
2. Contract description
Design and construction of transportable modular hangar(s) for A400M aircraft at Zaragoza
Air Force Base, Spain.
Contract Type
ES A400M Entry Into Service (EIS) INFRASTRUCTURE is a design and construction
Description of the contract
The selected contractor shall design and construct a modular removable and transportable
hangar set, fully equipped to undertake the activities for maintenance levels I and II
(except engines and avionics) on an A400M aircraft. Therefore, the object of the contract
will be:
Elaboration of a construction project for a fully equipped modular transportable
hangar set, that can be disassembled and reassembled, according to the technical
specifications to be provided in the Invitation to Tender (ITT). Such hangar shall
have capacity for two (2) A400M aircraft, considering equally valid solutions of 1
hangar for 2 positions or 2 hangars for 1 position each one.
Execution of the construction works according to the aforementioned project.
For celerity and versatility reasons, the hangar set shall be modular and transportable on
military aircraft; therefore, when disassembled, it shall fit in standard containers ISO 20 ft
The contract shall be between OCCAR-EA, representing the The Minister of Defence of the
Kingdom of Spain, and the selected contractor. The contract shall be managed in the
English language under English Law. ITTs and its corresponding tenders shall be issued in
English. Nevertheless, since the construction works are going to be executed in Spain, the
Contractor shall need to meet Spanish construction, Environmental and health and safety
laws and regulations. The construction project shall be presented by the selected
contractor in both Spanish and English.
Prospective contractors whose Registered Office is not within an EU Member State should
note that to meet Spanish construction laws and regulations the selected contractor will
need to demonstrate that it has an effective arrangement in place with a Spanish
registered company to manage the construction project in accordance with Spanish laws
and regulations. In the event to meet this criterion a joint venture is considered details of
the consortia including the legal form see 5.2 below will be required.
Main Site or Location of Works, Main Place of Delivery or Main Place of
Location of works – Zaragoza Air Force Base, Spain.
Place of deliveries – Zaragoza Air Force Base, Spain.
Quantity of deliverables
The deliverables of the contract will consist in the design of either one hangar for two
A400M positions or two hangars for one A400M position each, and its construction and
auxiliary infrastructure, and delivery.
The estimated budget for this contract is approximately 12,000,000 to 14,000,000 € (VAT
Contract Duration
The contract is expected to be awarded in March 2015.
It is intended that Construction and delivery of the hangar(s) shall take place no later than
January 31st 2016.
Through any ITT response, prospective contractors will be required to identify key
milestones in the delivery of the contract.
3. Contract procedure
The contract procedure will be a Limited Competition procedure in accordance with OCCAR
Rules (the process is described in the OCCAR Management Procedure for Contract Placement OMP5 - available in the OCCAR-EA Website).
The contract will be drafted under OCCAR Terms and Conditions OMP6 and English law will
apply. The contract shall be between OCCAR-EA, representing the The Minister of Defence of
the Kingdom of Spain, and the selected contractor. The contract will be managed in the English
language. ITTs and its corresponding tenders shall be issued in English.
A pre-qualification stage will apply to select appropriate candidates. It is envisaged that a
number not exceeding 5 candidates may be selected for invitation to tender (ITT). OCCAR
reserves the right to continue the procedure with less than 3 candidates. In such
circumstances, OCCAR reserves the right to move to a negotiated procedure.
Candidates will be informed in writing whether they have been selected by OCCAR. The
complaints procedure set out at Annex I of OMP5 shall apply in the event of a complaint in
relation to non selection.
Specific rules for the invitation to tender (ITT) will be provided in a specific document at the
ITT issue.
To the extent necessary to ensure that the contractor is able to effectively perform the
contract for the tendered price, the Tender Assessment Panel may request evidence of the
elements of its price quotation (including the sub-contracted part) and include the possibility to
call for additional detailed pricing information.
In the event that a successful candidate proposes to change its organisation to the extent that
information provided in the PQQ is no longer valid, then such proposed change must be
notified to OCCAR as soon as practicable so that the new proposed arrangement can be reassessed against the candidate selection criteria.
Contract Award will be based on the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT).
Detailed Contract Award Criteria (CAC) will be specified in the ITT.
The CAC will, inter alia, take into account performance, fulfilment of the technical
requirements, price and delivery time of the tenders.
OCCAR reserves the right to discontinue this procurement process at any stage. The issue of
this Contract Notice and participation in the tendering process is not a commitment by OCCAR
or OCCAR acting as “Contracting Authority” in the name of and on behalf of its Members or
Programme Participating States, to place any contract as a result of the procurement process
or at a later stage.
Throughout the whole process, OCCAR reserves the right to either reject a consortium
candidate or candidate and may propose alternative arrangements including provision of
performance and financial guarantees.
Costs arising from responding to this Contract Notice and/or participation in the limited
competitive tendering process will under no circumstances be reimbursed by OCCAR or any of
its Members or Programme Participating States.
4. Expressions of interest
In order to be considered for inclusion in this ES A400M EIS INFRASTRUCTURE limited
competition procedure, candidates must comply with the following requirements:
Express an interest by submission of a fully completed Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
PQQ (fill in the PQQ form attached to this Contract Notice);
Provide all necessary supporting information and evidence required by the PQQ.
These requirements must be received by OCCAR-EA in the following formats:
2 paper versions; and
2 electronic versions in native file format and pdf format on CD-ROM or USB sticks.
In the event of inconsistency, the paper version will have precedence over the electronic
All documents included in the requirements shall be in English except where otherwise
specified in the PQQ.
These requirements shall be submitted in two envelopes, one inside the other. Both envelopes
must be sealed. The outside envelope shall be addressed to the Point of Contact mentioned in
section 1 of this Contract Notice without any reference to this Programme. The inner envelope
shall not bear any reference to the originator and shall bear the following caveat:
Not to be opened by the internal mail department
Attention Mr Jesús BARRIOS
OCCAR/ES A400M DNE/Commercial Officer
Expressions of interest must be delivered by registered post, by private courier service or by
hand for the attention of the Point of Contact to the following address:
5 avenue Albert Durand
Batiment Aeroploe 4
31701 Blagnac CEDEX
Expressions of interest should be transmitted once only. If OCCAR-EA receives more than one
expression of interest from a candidate, then OCCAR-EA will only consider the latest one
received preceding the closing date for submissions.
Closing date for submission
The deadline for receipt of the PQQ and supporting information and evidence is:
09/01/2015- 14h00
Candidates may request PQQ clarification up to 10 calendar days before the submission date.
The contracting authority will publish any clarification to the contract notice relevant to all
candidates on the OCCAR Website.
After PQQ receipt, the Contracting Authority may seek clarification from candidates on answers
and information provided, and candidates should respond accordingly, in English. Neither these
requests for clarifications nor the responses provided by the candidates will be published in the
OCCAR Website.
5. Conditions for participation
Legal Form of candidate
The following requirements shall apply to all candidates at the candidate selection
 Only a candidate which is a single economic operator or consortium (grouping of
companies) may express an interest.
 A candidate must be formed in accordance with the law of the State where it is
located. For a consortium candidate, this requirement shall apply to all
consortium members. A candidate may submit only one expression of interest.
 A candidate whose Registered Office is not within an EU Member State should
note that to meet Spanish construction laws and regulations the selected
contractor will need to demonstrate that it has an effective arrangement in place
with a Spanish registered company to manage the construction project in
accordance with Spanish laws and regulations.
Consortia Arrangements
In respect of candidates that are a consortium, one completed PQQ should be
submitted, signed by an authorised person from each member of the consortium.
The information concerning the consortium structure and the decision making process
within the consortium must be provided in the PQQ section 6. OCCAR reserves the
right to have sight of any Agreement between consortia members which are pertinent
to this requirement.
The Contracting Authority recognises that the information provided in relation to the
consortium may be subject to future change. Candidates should therefore respond in
the light of the arrangements as currently envisaged. Candidates are reminded that
any future proposed change in relation to consortium must be promptly notified to the
Contracting Authority.
Sub Contracting Arrangements
The ITT issued to selected candidates will inter alia request full visibility of their subcontractors and sub-contracting process and of the location of the activities to be
Declaration of Honour
Candidates must sign the declaration of honour contained within the PQQ and answer
all questions in the affirmative in order to be considered for inclusion.
For consortium candidates, a declaration of honour must be signed by each consortium
Economic and financial standing
Candidates must have an average annual turnover higher than 50.000.000 € in the last
3 years.
Candidates shall have a minimum net equity of 480.000 € in the last three years.
For a consortium candidate the cumulative turnover and cumulative net equity of
consortium members shall apply for this requirement.
Security requirements
Candidates are informed that the performance of the contract will involve handling of
unclassified information that might be sensitive and shall sign a Declaration of
Confidentiality and obey the instructions on security from OCCAR and the SAF. The ITT
shall identify any specific security clearance requirements of personnel expecting to
work on SAF premises.
Candidates are invited to consult the following documents in the OCCAR Website:
10 | P a g e
OMP 11 “Security Regulations”
OMP12 “Handling of Unclassified Sensitive Information
All candidates shall be certified to ISO 9001 version 2008 or recognised equivalent. For
consortium candidates, this requirement shall apply to all consortium members.
11 | P a g e
6. Limitations on the number of candidates who will be invited to
participate in the dialogue
The following objective criteria shall be used to evaluate and sift the candidates meeting the
Conditions for Participation in order to limit the number of candidates invited to participate in
the dialogue:
Legal, economic and financial standing
Ability to perform the design and construction of the
modular transportable hangar(s)
These objective criteria are detailed below.
Legal, economic and financial standing
Company Organisation and Accounts
Responses need to pay particular regard to:
Company description (Structure, organisation, number of sites and employees)
Company accounts (Latest annual Financial Statement, standard legal
Industrial Capability
Responses need to pay particular regard to:
12 | P a g e
Industrial capacity (inc. resource availability) to undertake the work within the
timescales specified;
Design facilities.
Manufacturing facilities.
Construction means and organization.
Ability to perform the design and construction of the modular
transportable hangar(s)
Ability to perform the design and construction
Responses need to detail significant previous relevant projects of the last 5 years,
including their individual turnover, paying particular regard to:
Overall design and construction experience (including programme, engineering,
risk and safety management);
Previous experience on this type of construction projects;
Experience of safe handling of national sensitive information.
13 | P a g e
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