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Library Director Recruiting Brochure

Library Director
The City of American Fork
American Fork is located 15 miles northwest of Provo and 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. It is bordered by Utah
Lake on the south and by the Wasatch Mountains to the east. The City covers an area of just more than nine square miles
and is home to about 27,000 residents. American Fork, established in June of 1853, offers a feel of comfortable, smalltown living, with a mixture of modern development, and it’s a great place to locate a business or raise a family. For more
information, visit our web site at
Alpine School district is located in American Fork, and American Fork City takes special pride in its high school
which is known for excellent music programs.
American Fork also is conveniently located near several institutions of higher learning, including Brigham Young
University, Utah Valley State University, University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Technical College,
Provo College and several career-specific institutions.
Health Care
Our local hospital, American Fork Hospital (AFH), utilizes state-of-the-art technology and is staffed by a highly
skilled and compassionate workforce. AFH is well-known for its cancer treatment program, heart services and
birth plans. In fact, the Daily Herald recently reported that AFH had been named one of the top 100 hospitals in
the nation for the sixth time.
The hospital recently underwent a significant expansion, which included construction of an 84,000 square foot
hospital addition and an 85,400 square foot multi-specialty clinic.
Tourism, Arts and Recreation
Residents and tourists enjoy local attractions including: American Fork Canyon; Timpanogos Cave; the
Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum; the American Fork Boat Harbor; Utah Lake; the Mount Timpanogos LDS
Temple; the historic American Fork Presbyterian Church; and nearby ski resorts.
The City is also home to a robust arts community. Among the music groups local to American Fork are: The
Wasatch Winds; American Fork Community Theater; Timpanogos Chorale; and the American Fork Symphony.
Many of these groups enjoy performing at the City’s beautiful Quail Cove Amphitheater.
American Fork is home to several unique shopping areas including the Meadows, the Alpine Valley Special
Improvements Area and Historic Main Street.
Library Director Position
Description and Opportunities
The Library Director will plan, direct, promote and implement all
activities of the American Fork City Library under the general
operating standards as determined by the Library Board of
Trustees and the City Council.
The Director will work with staff, community partners and
patrons, to provide excellent service in all library activities:
Managing the current library automation system to provide
cloud-based accessibility to library materials.;
Implementing library software upgrades and evaluating webbased mobile, desktop and social media clients;
Studying options for improving programs, materials and
Carrying out plans for the expansion of the Bryan McKay Eddington Learning Center; and
Managing resources and building additional support through fundraising efforts and grant writing (while involving the
Library Board, Friends of the Library and other community partners).
The candidate must possess a strong knowledge and understanding of public library operations, community needs, staff
selection and training. The candidate must understand current, new and emerging technologies and their application to
libraries. The City is particularly interested in candidates who have a track record of bringing a creative and innovative
approach to library leadership. Must be technology minded.
A Master of Library and Information Science Degree, or Master of Library Science from an A.L.A. accredited school plus
five (5) years of professional library work experience, including two (2) years in administrative and supervisory capacity or
equivalency is required.
The Organization
American Fork has a six-member council form of government, consisting of a mayor and five council members. The City
Council is responsible for policy making, and it is vested with legislative authority. The City Administrator is responsible for
carrying out City Council policies, overseeing day-to-day operations of the City, and managing the City department directors.
American Fork Library
The American Fork Library is a medium-sized, award winning library located in the center of North Utah County. In
addition to its book collection, the facility offers the community a gathering place for numerous community events and
programs. The Library has programs that promote early literacy for toddlers and preschoolers, and lifelong learning for teens
and adults. The American Fork Library collection of more than 127,000 items includes a variety of formats such as
electronic, print, audio and video. The dedicated library staff of 24 is courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. The Library
serves more than 212,000 patrons and visitors in the last year.
Ideal Candidate Profile and Desired Attributes
1. Manager
2. Strategic Thinker
Demonstrates outstanding communication skills and
interpersonal leadership skills .
Leads with talent, innovation and energy.
Displays forward-thinking thought processes and has a
positive track record implementing leading- edge
technologies and developing related strategies.
Thinks strategically and makes sound decisions under
Shows skill in strategic planning and tactical
Seeks to create an environment where excellence and
innovation can thrive.
Effectively leads and manages change.
Is a creative problem-solver.
Has a knowledge of current trends and best practices
in libraries.
Has analytical program management experience.
Empowers staff to carry out responsibilities.
Fosters a team environment through collaboration and
respectful management.
Has a demonstrated record of effective fiscal
management and budgetary planning.
Understands and uses effective measurement and
evaluation methods.
3. Communicator
4. Relationship Builder
Provides timely, accurate and relevant information to
library staff, colleagues and patrons.
Able to work collaboratively with library staff and
other stakeholders to achieve the Library’s mission.
Identifies key concepts and issues to be communicated
in complex situations.
Works successfully with other City employees and the
Presents information in a format that takes into
account different audiences and cultures, and
endeavors to choose the best method for
communicating the message to each.
Shows dedication to customer service.
Has a history of responsiveness to staff, library users,
and community residents.
Acts with a high level of integrity and honesty to
develop relationships based on trust and mutual
Communicates openly, clearly, logically and concisely.
Is able to develop and communicate a shared vision of
library services.
Ability to inspire
Sense of humor
The salary range for this position is $61,445 to $89,096. A generous
benefits package is included as described below.
Retirement: Competitive, defined benefit retirement plan with the
Utah Retirement System.
Health Insurance: The City contributes 95% towards the family
and single premium for the City’s top medical plan. For the
remaining medical plans, the City pays 100% of the premium for
which there are several plan options.
Dental Insurance: The City contributes 100% of the single
Cafeteria Plan: This includes options for either a 401k or 457 deferred compensation plan.
Vacation and Sick Leave: Eligible time is partly based on years of service.
How to Apply
Each applicant is required to submit a cover letter and resume to the City of American Fork Human Resources Office.
Submit by e-mail only to Please address cover letter to Craig Whitehead, City Administrator.
Filing deadline: Open until filled
Selection schedule: Interviews will begin in January 2015.
Equal Opportunity Employer
The City of American Fork is a progressive, equal opportunity employer that values a diverse work force. All qualified
candidates are encouraged to apply.
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