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Protege Intelligent 5 Amp Power Supply Datasheet

Protege Intelligent
5 Amp Power Supply
The Protege Intelligent 5 Amp Power Supply provides 12VDC
power ideal for running security, access control or automation
devices along with large numbers of Protege network powered
modules in the same installation.
Feature Highlights
Reliable Power
Intelligent Power Monitoring
> 16VAC input ideal for our range of low
cost AC transformers
The Protege Intelligent 5 Amp Power Supply
is capable of supplying power to a large
number of smaller devices or multiple high
current devices up to a maximum of 5 Amps.
The Protege Intelligent 5 Amp Power Supply
is able to relay information about critical
system voltages and currents to the Protege
Integrated System Controller by registering
as an analog expander module on the
Protege network.
> 12VDC output voltage and up to 5 Amps
continuous output current
> Battery backup connection for continued
power delivery in power outage
> Intelligent charging algorithm monitors
battery and AC supply allowing optimum
performance to be achieved using
standard lead acid batteries
> Processor controlled battery level testing
and indication
> Protege module network connection for
intelligent communication
> Reporting of actual values for output
voltage, output current, battery charge
current and core Protege Intelligent 5
Amp Power Supply voltage
> Monitored signals for battery
low/disconnect and AC failure using
Protege trouble inputs and open collector
outputs for third party integration
A continuous source of power is maintained
with the inclusion of intelligent battery
backup charging, optimal level maintenance
and seamless switch on AC failure. The
battery backup and AC status are constantly
monitored, and failure conditions are
communicated to the Protege system and
simultaneously output to open collector
drivers suited to connection to third party
warning systems.
The controller can then store these values in
system registers that can be viewed live from
the Protege software. This allows live viewing
of the system voltages and currents along
with logging for review at any time.
Technical Specifications
AC Input Voltage
16VAC 50 to 60Hz @ 100VA (max)
Operating Current
100mA (typical, no load)
DC Output (Auxiliary)
5A (max)
Battery Charging
1000mA (typical)
Battery Low
Battery Restore
Isolated module network
Inputs (Trouble Input)
8 (Max)
Inputs (Tamper)
1 (normally closed)
Programmable Outputs
2 open collectors (50mA Max)
Mains (AC) Fail
1 open collector (50mA Max)
Battery Low/Fail
1 open collector (50mA Max)
Operating Temperature
5˚ to 55˚C (41˚ to 131˚F)
Storage Temperature
-10˚ to 85˚C (14˚ to 185˚F)
0% to 85% (non condensing)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
153 x 92 x 55mm (6.02 x 3.62 x 2.16”)
118g (4.16oz)
Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the representation of this product, neither Integrated Control Technology Ltd nor its
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