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South Shore Lake Superior Fish and Wildlife Area – Bayfield County

hem Nu 3.B.5.
Rev 5-91 ,,
SUBJECT: Land Acquisition- South Shore Laltc SuJ>crior Fish ntu.l Wildlife Area - Bayfield County
SUMMARY: The Department has obtained an option to purchase 230 acres of land from the Robert W. Engsti'Om estate for
$182,000 for the South Shore Lake Superior Fish and Wildlife Area in Bayfield County. The item is being submitted
because the purchase price exceeds $150,000 .
The Engstrom tract is proposed for purchase to protect fish and wildlife resources and to provide opp011unities for
public hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking cross country skiing and other passive recreational pat1 of
the South Shore of Lake Superior Fish and Wildlife Area. The Engstrom property is located in northwestern
Bayfield County, in the Township of Port Wing and is located entirely within the South Shore of Lake Superior Fish
and Wildlife Area project boundary and borders the Port Wing Boreal Forest State Natural Area to the north. Public
land owned by the Town of Port Wing also borders the parcel to the north and south. Of the 230 total acres, 38
acres is wate1·, comprised of Bibon Lake, which has a maximum depth of 14 feet and contains pan fish and no11hcrn
pike. Bibon Lake and its associated extuary flow into the Flag River, a Class I Trout stream containing brook,
brown and rainbow trout. Segments of the river arc imp011ant for protecting spawning waters draining into Lake
The South Shore of Lake Superior Fish ahd Wildlife Area was created in 1992 to preserve a large, self-sustaining
anadromous fishery. The goal of the project is to enhance the stream and coastal habitats to benefit nora and fauna
associated with these specific areas. The project also provides public recreation and educational opportunities. The
project spans live distinct stream drainages, including Fish Creek, Cranberry River, Flag River, Sioux River, and
Pikes Creek, and their associated coastal wetlands. More than 50 percent of the total self-sustaining anadromous
fishery on the Wisconsin shore of Lake Superior is included within the boundaries of the project.
The Engstrom parcel contains a mix of lowland tamarack and spruce, along with tag alder, stunted hardwoods and
open bog. The subject property is an impottant waterfowl area and is heavily used during both spring and fa ll
migration as are most ofthe river mouth bays and estuaries along Lake Superior.
The Department recommends purchase ofrhe Engstrom prope11y to help protect the natural values and integrity of
this Great Lakes Ecosystem, to allow for natural resource management and for continued public uccess for
recreational opportunities such as fishing, hunting, trapping, hiking, and cross-country skiing.
RECOMMEND/\ TION: That the Board approve the purchase of230 acres of land fi·om the Rober1 W. Engstrom estate for $182,000
for the South Shore Lake Superior Fish And Wildlife Area in Bayfield County.
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