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The Friendly Visitor - Christ Lutheran Church

Friendly Visitor
Christ Lutheran Church
1306 Wilcox Street
Menomonie, WI 54751
December @ Christ
Spiritual Direction at 10 a.m. [every Tuesday].
Christ Time at 6:15 p.m.
CLCW Bible Study at 10:30 a.m. followed by
Christmas Potluck (everyone is welcome!)
Worship with Holy Communion in Fellowship Hall at 5 p.m. [service at 5 p.m. held every
Saturday]; Quilt Sale in Fellowship Hall following service.
December 2014
Special Quilt Sale
CLC Fellowship Hall
Saturday, December 6
following 5 p.m. worship service
Sunday, December 7
following 9 a.m. worship service
Missions Bake Sale—Dec. 14
The Outreach Committee is having a Missions Bake
Sale in the narthex on Sunday, December 14. Baked
goods are appreciated for the sale. Proceeds help support our missionaries in Japan—Patrick & Jackie
Bencke and family. Thanks for your support!
Gift Tree
Worship with Holy Communion at 9 a.m.;
Quilt Sale in Fellowship Hall at 10 a.m.;
COSMO at 10:10 a.m.
Christ Time, COSMO, Chancel Choir—
pizza at 5 p.m. followed by cookie decorating
and caroling.
13 Practice for COSMO Christmas Program at
9 a.m.
Missions Bake Sale; Worship with
COSMO Christmas Program at 9 a.m.; COSMO
at 10:10 a.m.
Longest Night Service in Fellowship Hall
at 7 p.m.
21 Worship with Holy Comm. at 9 a.m.
24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with
Holy Communion at 3 p.m.; Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with Holy Communion at 5 p.m.
25 MERRY CHRISTMAS! Christmas Day
Worship Service with Holy Comm. at 9 a.m.
28 Food Pantry Sunday; Worship at 9 a.m.
We have the opportunity to bring some Christmas cheer
to the residents at American Lutheran Home. Please
choose a card from the “gift tree” in the narthex and
sign the appropriate page on the clipboard. You need
not buy everything on the list, but please give only new
and unused gift(s). Please wrap and address the package with the person's name.
Another option this year is to make a financial contribution that will be used to cover the cost of hair appointments, prizes for Bingo, etc.
Return the wrapped gifts and/or donations to the church
office by December 14. Call Shirley Bostrom at 2356742 if you have questions. Thanks! It means so much
to them!
All offerings to the church to be recorded in 2014 need to be received in
the church office no later than 10 a.m.
on Wednesday, December 31. Thanks!
Pastor’s Page
usy. I’m busy. You’re busy.
Everyone is busy these days.
It’s such a small word but it brings
with it huge impact. It keeps us
from seeing a bigger picture. It
keeps us from enjoying the small
blessings around us every day. It
creates a wall that we tend to hide
behind. We use it as an excuse.
And, now as the Christmas season
approaches, we use it more than
ever. It’s why we don’t get that
last batch of cookies made, or why
we don’t end up making it to one
more party, or why we end up giving gift cards instead of boxes
wrapped with bows. As Christians,
we are even busier. We not only
decorate our own trees, hang our
own decorations and lights, wrap
our own presents, and bake our
own goodies; we are also asked to
decorate the church trees, hang the
church decorations, give gifts to
complete strangers, and bake for
our children’s groups. Oh, and
don’t forget that we should also be
sitting down daily to read devotions and Bible passages, light Advent candles, and pray. Somehow,
we find ourselves saying, “I’m
busy,” and finding excuses for
eliminating some or many of these
blessings. We start to delude ourselves into a false image of our
lives and world. We think we are
the only busy ones out there.
Someone else can find more time.
We begin to lose sight of the big
picture. We forget what the truly
important things are. The question
is: What are you eliminating for
“the greater good”?
At Christmas we feel we should be
focused on the story of the baby
Jesus, the Messiah, sent from the
very beginning. The baby anThe Friendly Visitor
nounced to Mary and to Joseph by
an angel would become our Savior
on a cross many years later. That’s
the Good News that we should be
focusing on, right?
However, I find myself drawn to
another story from Jesus’ life. The
story of the sisters Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42). Martha
wisely welcomes Jesus to their
home to share his message. Mary
immediately sits next to Jesus and
listens intently. Meanwhile, Martha is harried and troubled by
every little household task. She is
perturbed by her sister's lack of
concern for preparing for their
visitor. But Jesus says to her,
“Martha, Martha, you are worried
and distracted by many things;
there is need of only one thing.”
Martha is reminded to stop. The
dishes can wait until Jesus has
moved on to other friends. The
sweeping can wait until Jesus is
done telling his stories. The house
does not need to be perfect for this
family member. The important
thing is that JESUS IS IN HER
HOUSE! He is right there and she
is so busy she can’t see Him, the
big picture. She is hiding behind
the wall of busy. She has busyexcused herself right into blindness.
The reality is that every day we all
find ourselves too busy to read a
devotion, pray for someone else,
or send a gift to a charity—
important things that Martha’s sister Mary would have chosen. Instead, being more like Martha, we
have built that busy wall around
ourselves, and we are blinded to
the everyday Jesus sitting next to
us in the car or in the kitchen or at
the dining room table. We forget
that Jesus is a family member. He
is here with us in everything.
Page 2
We've been told a million times to
slow down and focus on the important things, but in our busyness we become immune to that
advice. We fail to make Him a priority and walk with Him and live
in His message.
There are, of course, still only 24
short hours in a day. We can't
make more or stretch them out.
But we can make the truly important things take precedence. We
can make each small action or
word mean more by the way we
do or say them. We can un-busy
ourselves from the rest. We can
begin to see the bigger picture. We
can begin to enjoy the small blessings around us every day. We can
tear down the wall and destroy the
excuses. And we can welcome Jesus, The Word, into our lives and
homes—this Christmas and every
Josie Wilterdink
COSMO Superintendent and
Youth Co-director
Pastoral Acts
 Paul Laberee—November 1,
2014, by Pastor Geoff Scott at
Tiffany Cemetery, Boyceville.
Memorial Service
 Doris Gibson—November 15,
2014, by Pastor Geoff Scott.
 Olive Daley—November 19,
2014, by Pastor Geoff Scott at
Olson Funeral Home.
 Rose Lee—November 20,
2014, by Pastor Geoff Scott.
December 2014
A Christmas Message
from Bishop Rick
Hoyme, Northwest
Synod of Wisconsin
All Is Calm
y first parish was on the
prairie of northern Montana. Each year, the week following Easter, all the pastors of our
denomination from Montana,
Wyoming, and northern Idaho
would converge on Livingston,
Montana, for our annual pastors’
conference. Now, for those of you
not familiar with such important
things, Livingston is known as
one of the premier trout fishing
locations in North America. My
first year I was excited to take
some time from the conference
and head to one the great streams
surrounding Livingston and begin
the process of becoming a great
trout angler. I had no money, so I
borrowed a fly rod from one
friend, waders from another, and a
fishing vest from a third. I bought
a book on fly fishing in Montana,
read the short story “A River
Runs Through It,” and was good
to go.
I arrived at the conference and
stored my gear and began looking
for Ron Johnstad, a longtime
Montana pastor, a legendary fly
fisher and native of Pigeon Falls,
Wisconsin. He would know where
to fish, what fly to use, and how
to get there! As a rookie, I was a
little in awe of Ron and hesitant to
bother him, but I took a deep
breath, introduced myself, told
him I knew where Pigeon Falls
was, and asked what I hoped were
not stupid questions. When I
The Friendly Visitor
stopped to breathe he looked
down at me and said, “Don’t
bother … the water is too busy.”
“The water is too busy. We had a
lot of snow and the rivers are running high and full of sediment.
There’s too much in the water and
the trout won’t be able to see the
flies that you are using. The water
is too busy. Don’t even try ‘cause
you won’t catch anything. I didn’t
even bring my rod.”
Thirty-five years later, I still remember that phrase, “The water’s
too busy.”
And I remember it most often this
time of year. “The water’s too
My wife Diane and I went to a
movie the other night at the theater in the mall in Eau Claire. The
parking lot was full; the food
court was full. There were people
everywhere—and it wasn’t even
Thanksgiving yet! I turned to my
wife and asked naively, (which,
by the way, is how I ask most of
my questions), “What are all these
people doing here?” She gave me
her ‘who is this moron and why
did I marry him’ look and said,
As Christmas nears, the waters
will only get busier. And we wonder why we can’t see Jesus.
In my last congregation we had
four Christmas Eve worship services. Each one would end the
same—with the singing of “Silent
Night.” I would sit there and look
out over the hundreds of people
who would find their way to that
Page 3
sanctuary on that day and see in
their faces something I never
could see at the mall. I would see
calm. I would see peace. I would
see Jesus.
So here it is; here’s the catch: Do
whatever you do in the weeks
ahead to get ready for whatever
you do for Christmas. Be as busy
as you want or need to be. But,
DO NOT skip church on Christmas Eve (or Christmas Day). Just
don’t do it. It is one thing you can
do to clear the water and make
way for the Christ child to reenter your life. It works. I don’t
know how, but it works.
Merry Christmas!
Bishop Rick Hoyme
December Altar
Care Notes
 Sunday, December 7—
Worship service at 9
a.m. with Holy Communion (kneeling).
 Sunday, December 21—
Worship service at 9 a.m. with
Holy Communion (intinction).
 Wednesday, December 24—
Christmas Eve Candlelight
Service at 3 p.m. with Holy
Communion (intinction).
 Wednesday, December 24—
Christmas Eve Candlelight
Service at 5 p.m. with Holy
Communion (intinction).
 Thursday, December 25—
Christmas Day Worship Service at 9 a.m. with Holy Communion.
December 2014
The Mitten
Tree is in the
narthex, waiting to be
adorned with
mittens, hats, and scarves.
Gently used sweaters and
sweatshirts would also be
welcomed. Please have
items at the church by
Thursday, December 25.
Thanks for helping our
“neighbors” stay warm this
Our sympathy to . . .
. . . Stan & Joan Labs and Sonia
Labs and Troy & Beth Hein and
family in the loss of Joan’s mother
and Sonia’s and Beth’s grandmother, Doris Gibson, on November 2. A memorial service was
held November 15 at Christ Lutheran.
. . . Kevin, Janet, and Megan Shoemaker and family in the loss of
Janet’s mother, Rose Lee, on November 15. A funeral service was
held on November 20 at Christ Lutheran Church.
. . . the family and friends of Olive
Daley. Olive passed away on November 16, and her funeral service
was held on November 19 at Olson
Funeral Home.
. . . the family and friends of
Marilynn Rushton. She passed
away on November 16, and a memorial graveside service will be
held next spring at Iron Creek
Cemetery, rural Menomonie.
. . . Dave & Marisa Madsen and
family in the loss of Dave’s father,
Leonard “Len” Madsen, on November 14. A Celebration of Life
will be held on December 13 at
The Friendly Visitor
noon at the Fall Creek Village
. . . Cheryl Wagner and family in
the loss of her father, Marvin
Wagner, on November 21. A memorial service was held at Christ
Lutheran on November 28.
Longest Night
On Thursday, December 18, at 7
p.m., Christ Lutheran Church will
again offer a ‘Longest Night’ service. This simple service is designed to be a word of comfort and
hope when Christmas brings hurt
or loneliness instead of joy. The
service is open to everyone
whether they have a church back-
ground or not. The service was
adapted from “The Longest Night
Service or Blue Christmas” by Jim
Taylor. It includes prayers, scripture, and music that acknowledge
God's presence is for those who
mourn, for those who struggle –
and that God's Word comes to
bring light in the midst of darkness. You are warmly invited to
join us for this special time of
quiet reflection, worship, and communion in the midst of the hustle
and bustle of the holidays. If you
have any questions about the service or would like more information, please contact Pastor Geoff.
Sunday, November 30 (First Sunday of
Advent): Worship service at 9 a.m.
Thursday, December 4: CLCW Bible
Study at 10:30 a.m. followed by Christmas Potluck—all are welcome!
Sunday, December 7 (Second Sunday
of Advent): Worship service at 9 a.m.
with Holy Communion; Quilt Sale in
Fellowship Hall at 10 a.m.
Wednesday, December 10: Pizza
served at 5 p.m.; cookie decorating at 5:30 p.m.; COSMO, Christ
Time, Chancel Choir caroling at American Lutheran Home/Autumn
Village at 6:15 p.m.
Saturday, December 13: COSMO Practice for Christmas Program at
9 a.m.; Christ Time attends matinee, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
Sunday, December 14 (Third Sunday of Advent): Worship service
with COSMO Christmas Program at 9 a.m.; Missions Bake Sale;
Fellowship with birthday cake for Jesus served in Fireside Room.
Thursday, December 18: Longest Night Service in Fellowship Hall
at 7 p.m.
Sunday, December 21 (Fourth Sunday of Advent): Worship service
at 9 a.m. with Holy Communion
Wednesday, December 24: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with
Holy Communion at 3 p.m.; Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
with Holy Communion at 5 p.m.
Thursday, December 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Christmas Day
Worship Service with Holy Communion at 9 a.m.
Sunday, December 28: Service of Lessons & Carols at 9 a.m.
Page 4
December 2014
Congratulations to Earl &
Onnalee Wayne on the
birth of Peyton Lee on October 2!
For Basin for Baptismal Font in
Sanctuary in memory of: 11/2—niece
Juley Ann Pohlman from Curt Peterson.
For the Building Fund in memory of:
11/16—Pastor Les Peterson, Clarice
Haesly, and Doris Gibson from CLCW.
For Chancel Choir in memory of:
11/2—Clarice Haesly, Dick Lowery,
and Pastor Les Peterson from Bettyanne
Mattison and the Mattison family;
11/16—Dick Lowery from Bob & Sue
For the Christ Lutheran Church
Women (CLCW) in memory of:
11/16—Doris Gibson from Dan &
Marilyn Tye; from Arla Graff; 11/23—
Rose Lee from Dan & Marilyn Tye.
For the CLCW Mission Quilters
Fund in memory of: 11/16—Pastor
Les Peterson from Arnold & Arlene
Mork; Aune Fadum (Cheryl Lowery’s
mother) from Bob & Sue Dahm;
11/23—Olive Daley from Arnold &
Arlene Mork.
For the Christ Lutheran Sunday
School (COSMO) in memory of:
11/16—Emily Reneé Tye who died
November 17, 2012; with love from
Dan & Marilyn Tye; 11/23—Rose Lee
from Jeff & Mary Merritt and family.
For Christ Lutheran Church—
Halvorson Cemetery in memory of:
11/9—Clarice Haesly from Cheryl
Lowery; from Louis & Mavis Cornellier; from Bob & Emogene Hickcox;
from Nelva Bandelow; from John & Jo
Klatt; from Sandy Haesly.
The Friendly Visitor
For Current Expenses (General
Fund) in memory of: 11/2—Steven
Hoover (Gladys Klopp’s brother) from
Donald & Margaret Klopp; from Russell & Muriel Pritchett; from Gladys
Klopp; Pastor Les Peterson from
Gladys Klopp; from Lynn & Jo Stewart; from Gerald & Karen Zimmerman;
from Randy & Barb Dahms; 11/9—
Doris Gibson from Lois Schultz;
11/16—Pastor Les Peterson from Kelly
& Diane Stevens; from Virginia Place;
from Larry & Virginia Drier; from
Robert & Susan Milis; from Janet Wisner; from Louren & Ruby Schlottman;
from Frank Peterson; from Ann Townsend; from Gary & Kristy Binkley;
from Don & Betty Newman; from
Shirley Browning; from Jerry & Jan
Traxler; from Doug & Kathy Hinzman;
from Larry & Virginia Drier
(commemorating Pastor Les’ 94th
birthday in July); from the Peterson
family; Doris Gibson from David &
Ardith Jacobson; from Dave & Jane
Amble; from Jeff & Mary Merritt and
family; from Jerome & Gay Evenson;
Stu Fullarton from Bob & Sue Dahm;
11/23—Olive Daley from Phyllis Hansen; from Bill & Sandy Neverdahl;
from Steven & Lynn Brantner; from
Sandy Haesly; Rose Lee from Jerome
& Gay Evenson; from David & Ardith
Jacobson; from Lois Schultz; from Dick
& Pat Rank; from Dave & Jane Amble;
from Jerome Jacobs.
For ELCA Malaria Campaign in
memory of: 11/16—Pastor Les Peterson from Don & Janice Wisner; from
Cheryl Lowery; from Leonard & Anita
Jicha; from Colin & Lorraine Laberee;
from Roger & Arlene Wieman; from
Claudia and Kathleen Kjenslee; from
Bill & Sandy Neverdahl; from Spring
Lake Church WELCA; from the Peterson family; 11/23—Pastor Les Peterson
from Bob & Sue Dahm; from Craig &
Lynne Koser.
For Lutheran Campus Ministry in
memory of: 11/23—Rose Lee from
Larry & Vickie Kuester; Doris Gibson
from Stan & Joan Labs; from Troy &
Beth Hein; Pastor Les Peterson from
Leonard & Anita Jicha; Dick Lowery
from Cheryl Lowery [given directly to
Lutheran Campus Ministry].
Page 5
For Missionary Sponsorship in memory of: 11/16—Pastor Les Peterson
from Jim & Jan Pejsa; from Dick Tyson
& Dayle Mandelson; from the Peterson
For Missions in memory of: 11/2—
Pastor Les Peterson from Harry Evjen;
11/16—Pastor Les Peterson from Stan
& Carmen Johnson.
For the Playground Fund in memory
of: 11/23—Paul Laberee from his family.
For the Radio Broadcast Fund in
memory of: 11/9—Helen Tyson from
Dick Tyson and family [for broadcast
on November 23, 2014].
For Ruth’s Prayer Shawl Ministry in
memory of: 11/2—Pastor Les Peterson
from Jerome & Gay Evenson; 11/16—
Pastor Les Peterson from Ken Corkran
& Erin Lowery-Corkran; from the Peterson family.
For the Sunshine in memory of:
11/16—Pastor Les Peterson from Mark
& Julie Kinney; from Michael &
Jonelle Gideo; from Dave & Pat Enestvedt; from the Peterson family; 11/23—
Doris Gibson and Rose Lee from
Bettyanne Mattison.
Undesignated in memory of: 11/2—
Pastor Les Peterson from Phyllis Hansen; from Jerry & Jane Smith; 11/9—
Doris Gibson from Claudia and Kathleen Kjenslee; 11/16—Doris Gibson
from Rose Lee; from Nancy Bourget;
from Larry & Vickie Kuester; from
Janice Hastings; Pastor Les Peterson
from Nancy Bourget; 11/23—Rose Lee
from Bob & Robin Nelson; from
Phyllis Hansen; O.K. Hedlund from
Colin & Lorraine Laberee; Doris Gibson from Phyllis Hansen.
For the Radio Broadcast in honor of:
11/2—homebound members and friends
of Christ Lutheran Church from Christ
Lutheran Church Women (CLCW) [for
broadcast on November 2, 2014].
December 2014
Christ Lutheran Church
Council Minutes
October 13, 2014
Members Present
Nancy Bourget, Leslie Falkner, Arla
Graff, Gary Johnson, Jim Johnson, Tom
Meister, Mary Merritt, Christine Ness,
Jeremy Wilterdink, Pastor Geoff Scott (ex
-officio), Dick Rank (ex-officio).
Members Absent
Kristy Binkley, Andrew Hillestad,
Heather Lannon.
Call to Order
Council President Gary Johnson called
the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at the
Mary Merritt presented the devotions.
Vision Statement
Jeremy Wilterdink recited our Vision
Mission Statement
Leslie Falkner recited our Mission Statement.
Council Purpose
All Council members recited our Council
Approval of Minutes
A. September 2014 Council Minutes:
[10-1] A motion was made and seconded
to accept the minutes of the September
Council meeting. Meister/Merritt; motion
Treasurer’s Report
The September balance is a large negative, and October does not look promising
based on the first two Sunday receipts.
Dick might need to draw up to $5,000
from undesignated memorials to meet
expenses; council motioned this plan a
few months ago. November has five
weekends which should help with overall
[10-2] A motion was made and seconded
to accept the Treasurer’s report. Graff/
Bourget; motion carried.
Pastor’s Report
Pastor Geoff gave us an overview of activities that have taken place since January. To list a few, there have been nine
member (and seven non-member) funerals/memorial services since the beginning
of the year. Baptisms number five; weddings number three, none at the church.
The Friendly Visitor
He will participate at one meeting of Citizens Academy as a representative from
the Critical Response Team. Coming attractions: private funeral on October 15;
Confirmation Banquet on October 22;
Confirmation Service on October 26; Lutheran Campus Ministry will lead worship
on November 22 and 23; ordination on
November 30.
Items from Committees
Congregational Life: A team will meet
September 23 to plan the layout of the
church directory. Confirmation Banquet
will be October 22. A coordinator for
Sunshine Group is still needed; announcements will be placed in the bulletin. Many
special worship services are planned
through the end of the year; keep watching for announcements. Rally Day carnival was well attended by 23 children and
35 adults. Participation by children
(through grade 12) is increasing at worship services, including assisting CLCW
in packing school kits.
Outreach Committee: Mission Sunday
(with brunch) was held October 5; Pastor
Sutherland from the synod office discussed his visit to Malawi. The committee
prepared dinner for The Ministry on September 22; Ken and Sherry Iverson prepared the dinner on September 15. Several international students assisted with
Tuesday’s Table at St. Joseph’s Catholic
Church in September. The CROP Walk
was held on October 12. Additional helpers/advocates are needed for the Free
Health Day on October 25. Next Missions
Bake Sale will be in December 14.
[10-3] A motion was made and seconded
requesting matching funds of $500 (to
match amount raised by the Mission
Brunch) for missionary support. Graff/
Meister; motion carried.
Administration: The proposed 2015
budget was presented, particularly highlighting changes/increases from the 2014
budget. Proposed changes include dropping “medical reimbursement” for the
pastor, adding the Youth Ministry Director position to the staff positions section,
inserting budget line items under Youth
and Family Ministry for Luther Park Retreat and Activities and Supplies, and
adding $600 for Sunshine Group programming. The proposed budget will be
presented to the congregation at the Fall
Congregational Meeting; a final budget
proposal will be presented at the Annual
Meeting in January.
Old Business
A. 4G Stewardship Synod Workshop
was held September 27; it was not
very well attended.
B. Youth Ministry Task Team Report:
Discussed the position description for
the position of Youth Ministry Director, and suggested some wording
changes to the document. Gary plans
to present this idea at the Fall Congregational Meeting on October 19;
if members present approve, then this
co-director position will be offered to
Josie Wilterdink and Kaye Wurm
beginning November 1, 2014. It’s
estimated their time commitment will
average 10 to 15 hours/week. Compensation will be determined before
the Fall Congregational Meeting on
October 19.
(continued on next page)
Council E-Mail Directory
Kristy Binkley (Council Secretary):
Nancy Bourget (Outreach Committee):
Leslie Falkner (Congregational Life Cmte.):
Arla Graff (Outreach Committee): (no email address)
Gary Johnson (President):
Jim Johnson (Administration Committee):
Heather Lannon (Congregational Life Cmte.):
Tom Meister (Council Vice President):
Jeff Merritt (Outreach Committee):
Mary Merritt (Congregational Life Cmte.):
Christine Ness (Administration Cmte.):
Pastor Geoff Scott:
Jeremy Wilterdink (Administration Cmte.):
Page 6
December 2014
(Council Minutes continued from
previous page)
[10-4] A motion was made and seconded
to offer the co-director position for Youth
Ministry to Josie Wilterdink and Kaye
Wurm. Bourget/Meister; motion carried.
C. Allocation of Funds from Betty
Gesche’s Estate: The Allocation of
Funds document was reviewed; no re
-allocations of funds were suggested.
The document will be edited to remove projects which were considered
but did not receive any allocations.
This proposal will be presented at the
Fall Congregational Meeting on October 19.
D. The ordination of Bob Dahm has
been set for November 30. Plans for
this day will be discussed by the
Congregational Life Committee at
their next meeting on October 27.
New Business
A. Affirmation of Baptism (as recommended by Pastor Geoff Scott):
[10-5] A motion was made and seconded
to accept Jacob Haviland, Dylan Hein,
Damian Link, Brandon Scharlau and
Trinity Schauf as candidates for Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation) on October 26, 2014. Wilterdink/Merritt, M.; motion carried.
B. A proposal (prepared by Darrin Falk)
to purchase additional microphones,
cables, microphone stands, and a
computer interface was reviewed;
total cost not to exceed $450.
[10-6] A motion was made and seconded
to purchase this additional sound system
equipment by using the remaining amount
of $296.86 from the Sound System fund,
and any additional monies required from
the Thrivent Choice fund. Ness/Falkner;
motion carried.
C. Fall Congregational Meeting date is
set for October 19. We reviewed the
proposed agenda (as required by the
by-laws), and added two items: Allocation of Funds from Betty Gesche’s
Estate and the Youth Ministry Director Position. Council members will
provide “enhanced treats” for the
D. The Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Program for Christ Lutheran
Church document was presented to
The Friendly Visitor
council. Background checks will be
conducted on a continuing basis, not
defined within the document.
[10-7] A motion was made and seconded
to accept the Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Program document as presented.
Merritt, M./Meister; motion carried.
[10-8] A motion was made and seconded
to adjourn the meeting. Graff/Bourget;
motion carried.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. The
meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Christine Ness, Acting Secretary
New youth theater
organization to
present show
Red Cedar Youth Stage will present
“Joy to the World! An Evening of
Christmas Cheer,” on December 19
and 20 at 7:30 p.m. and on December 21 at 2 p.m. at the Menomonie
High School auditorium. The show
will feature both youth and adult
performers as well as featured local
working musicians and authors/
storytellers. The culmination of the
show is a traditional children’s Nativity Pageant. Tickets may be purchased online at
or arranged for by email at ReCYS is also
looking for other children who
might like to participate in the pageant AND adult singers who would
like to join in the upbeat gospel version of “Joy to the World” that will
serve as the finale. Email Blaine
Halverson at above or call 715-5056011.
Lights of Love
A special lighting ceremony will be
held December 4 at 5 p.m. in the
chapel at American Lutheran
Home. Refreshments and fellowPage 7
ship will follow the program.
“Lights of Love” is a holiday program designed to honor and remember loved ones and to celebrate the season. Several large trees
outside the chapel at ALH are illuminated to be enjoyed by residents,
tenants, and neighbors during the
holiday season. Each light represents a loved one remembered or
Proceeds from lights dedicated at
Autumn Village will be used to
purchase a new bench; proceeds
from lights dedicated at American
Lutheran Home will go towards
new folding chairs. Please make
checks payable to American Lutheran Homes or to Autumn Village Assisted Living. Thank you
for your generous support.
ALH has new
American Lutheran Homes is looking for volunteers to assist with
their new Bistro. The Bistro was
created to offer specialty items to
residents and guests. It is also
hoped that the Bistro will allow for
a gathering space where friends and
family can create memories.
Folks who volunteer at the ALH
Bistro can expect to have a fulfilling experience. Requirements for
volunteers: must be 16 years of age
or older; must enjoy working with
people; be responsible for a small
cash box (3rd grade level math
skills required); receive training
from Culinary Services Director on
food safe handling and proper infection control practices.
Any assistance that is offered will
be very much appreciated. If there
are any questions, please contact
Natalie Mosey, ALH Administrator, at 715-235-9041.
December 2014
Bake Sale
Our Savior's Lutheran,
Saturday, December 6,
9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Lefse, sandbakkels, rosettes,
flatbread, krumkake
and many other kinds of
cookies and candies
Come early; enjoy a treat
and a cup of coffee.
Thanks, Dave!
A special thanks to David Jacobson, who offers his pickup and
trailer to deliver the boxes of quilts
and kits to Eau Claire for shipping
to Lutheran World Relief.
Thankoffering envelopes
Please note that the deadline to
return your thankoffering is December 1. Please make checks
payable to the CLCW, and we will
send the total amount to the national office of the Women of the
ELCA before the end of the year.
For sale
Christmas cards and napkins are
for sale by the CLCW. Look for
them on the cart in the narthex or
the Fellowship Hall.
See the quilt for sale hanging on
the wall in the narthex. The current
quilt being displayed for sale
measures 60” x 80” and the asking
price is $50.00. Make check payable to CLCW and indicate “quilt
fund” on the memo line of the
check. This is an ongoing fundraiser sponsored by the CLCW to
help cover shipping costs in sending quilts and kits to LWR.
The Friendly Visitor
Bible Study and Potluck
Bring a friend—everyone is invited (including men!)—on Thursday, December 4! Pastor Geoff
will lead Bible Study at 10:30 a.m.
Music will be provided by the
mountain dulcimer group at 11
a.m., and the Christmas potluck
will be served. If you are not able
to bring a dish to pass, please don’t
let that prevent you from coming.
There will be plenty of good food
for all. If you are able to share a
favorite recipe, ethnic treats or
other Christmastime favorites are
always a big hit. Whatever you
would like to bring will be enjoyed
and appreciated by all. Let’s have
a great turnout for the Bible Study
and/or Christmas Potluck on
Thursday, December 4! Everyone
is welcome!
Special quilt sale
There will be a special Quilt Sale
in the Fellowship Hall following
the worship service on Saturday,
December 6, and following the
worship service on Sunday, December 7. All proceeds from the
Quilt Sale will be used to cover
shipping costs and other expenses
in sending quilts and kits to Lutheran World Relief.
Dates to remember
December 4: CLCW Bible Study
at 10:30 a.m. followed by Christmas potluck (all are welcome!).
December 6: Quilt Sale in Fellowship Hall following 5 p.m. service.
December 7: Quilt Sale in Fellowship Hall following 9 a.m. service.
December 9: Mission Work Day at
9 a.m.
Other December calendar items to
bring to your attention are that
there is only one Mission Work
Day on Tuesday, December 9; and
Circles do not meet in December.
Page 8
Looking ahead
The CLCW Board will meet on
Thursday, January 8, at 9:30 a.m.
to prepare the CLCW yearbook.
Gay Evenson and Ardith Jacobson
CLCW Co-Presidents
Change a life . . .
maybe your own
Become a Hospice
Mayo Clinic Health System Volunteers are members of the hospice healthcare team that supports
and cares for patients and their
families at end-of-life.
As a Mayo Clinic Health System
Volunteer, you may . . .
 Provide support and companionship to terminally ill patients and their families.
 Provide respite care so that
caregivers can take a nap or
run errands.
 Assist with “light” household
 Visit patients who reside in
nursing homes, assisted living
facilities and adult foster care.
 Assist patients with tasks that
they are no longer able to complete.
 Provide support to the bereaved hospice family.
You can make a difference in our
community by sharing your time
and support as a Mayo Clinic
Health System Volunteer.
Please call the Volunteer Coordinator at 715-464-5265 for more
December 2014
theran Home and Autumn Village.
We are looking for cookie donations.
We would like to send our prayers
and sympathies to Josh and Nick
Madsen on the passing of their
grandfather, Dave's father, Len
The play for our Christmas Program this year has a cast of animals and they are focused on giving. To carry this theme further,
we would like the children to bring
in donations for the Humane Society. We will be bringing our gifts
forward during our Christmas Program. You can wrap the gifts if
you wish. The DCHS Wish List:
Purina Kitten Chow, Purina Cat
Chow, paper towels, copy paper,
hand sanitizer, liquid fabric softener, 40-50 gallon garbage bags,
rawhides, aluminum cans, new or
used bath towels, bleach.
Please note the curriculum line up
has changed after November 23.
You can find the rest of December
in the "Make It Last All Week"
section of the COSMO electronic
are doing a great job so far at selling cookbooks! We have already
sold 32 books for a total of $640
and another 18 books are checked
out! Please remember:
 We are only selling through
the December 14.
 100 percent profit!
 561 recipes per book at $20 per
book—that's only $0.04 per
 You do not need to be buying
these books for yourselves. Get
out in the neighborhoods and
sell to neighbors, family, coworkers, and friends.
 This money goes to purchasing
much needed supplementary
supplies for COSMO and other
youth activities.
We are almost there! The Christmas Program is just three rehearsals away. Please make sure to attend regularly! November 30; December 7; and SATURDAY, December 13.
Mark Your Calendars: Wednesday, December 10, COSMO,
Christ Time and the Chancel Choir
are teaming up to decorate cookies
and go caroling at American LuThe Friendly Visitor
Wish List
White or Colored Outdoor
Christmas Lights
Gently used children's, youth,
or adult books to be donated to
the CLC library
Thank you . . .
. . . to the congregation for being a
loving family to our dad and mom
since the early 80's. Thank you for
the love and support you have
shown them and our family in so
many ways. You are experiencing
a loss even as we are. A big thank
you to all who helped in the
kitchen for the memorial service
luncheon. Thank you for your
Page 9
presence at the memorial service,
for your memorial gifts, and for
your love and prayers these weeks.
- The Peterson Family
. . . on behalf of the nine churches
that coordinated the Free Health
Day along with MCHS - Red Cedar for the support you provided
for the Free Health Day on October 25. Services were provided to
200 adults and children with most
of them being able to receive more
than one service. There is still a
need in our community for the
medical services that were available. The medical service providers were kept busy. The collateral
services were also heavily requested. Thanks again for helping
to achieve another successful Free
Health Day!
. . . to all who helped with serving
the food after Dad’s memorial service. Everything was done so well
and smoothly. Thank you for your
part in making it a very special day
for the special man that Dad was.
Rachel Jones and
all the Peterson clan
. . . to the CLCW for the beautiful
table decorations/setting, serving,
and cleaning up for the luncheon
for Dad’s memorial service. We appreciate your hearts of service and
your love and prayers.
- Lu for the family of
Pastor Les Peterson
. . . for your contribution of 23
pounds of food items on October
27! - Stepping Stones of Dunn Co.
(continued on next page)
December 2014
(Thank you . . . continued from
previous page)
. . . for all of your prayers, good
wishes and cards during my recent
illness and hospital stay. I am feeling much better, thanks to a great
medical staff and all of you. God's
In Christ, Marilyn Tye
Dear CLCW:
You ladies are great! Thank you
so much for your kindness and the
donation of $200! The money will
go towards enhancing the lives of
our residents.
Sincerely, Deb at ALH
Christ Lutheran Church Family:
Thank you for all of the kindness
you have shown over the past few
months. While using the prayer
shawl I have felt your love and
concern through all of your
prayers. I have enjoyed the conversations through the many phone
calls and visits that I have had.
Every day I can look at the abundance of cards that I have received
from you all. I have enjoyed the
beautiful quilt and the treats and
have appreciated the Pastor’s visits.
- Rose Lee
During this season of thanksgiving
we are blessed to have partners
like Christ Lutheran. Thank you
for your generous donation of
$107.31 to Luther Park’s Annual
Yours in the love of Christ,
Keith Newman, Executive Director
Luther Park Bible Camp
The Friendly Visitor
Christ Lutheran Church Flowers for Christmas
If you would like to share in beautifying
our church for Christmas 2014 in honor of
the birthday of Jesus, please indicate below
and send or bring this sheet to the church no later than Sunday,
December 14, 2014. PLEASE NOTE: THIS YEAR, RED
I will provide a Poinsettia. Make checks payable to
Christ Lutheran for $8.00. Please indicate check is for
"Poinsettia," and leave in offering plate by December 14, along
with this form. The florist will deliver to the church and the
church will pay the florist.
I will provide a Poinsettia or other flowers, but I will
buy them myself and deliver to church on Monday morning,
December 15. (Please do not bring flowers to church earlier
than December 15.)
I will pick up Poinsettia or flowers after the 5:00 service on December 24.
Page 10
December 2014
The Bencke Family
I would like to extend a huge
thank you to all of the congregations who extended their invitation
for us to visit this year. We were
able to indulge in the hospitality of
so many communities, and we
found considerable refreshment and
connectivity with each visit. It is
my hope that we were able to offer
you something similar in return.
It always seems like after we connect with our sponsoring congregations in the U.S. that both Patrick
and I feel a more solid and revitalized commitment to the work we
are doing. We both enjoy, very
much, the work that we do in the
communities where we serve.
However, knowing that there is
such a large contingent of people in
our homeland praying for us, sending words of encouragement via
mail or email, or standing in solidarity to spread the gospel of our
Lord to all the nations makes some
of the heartache associated with the
distance between “here” and
“there” all the more worthwhile.
My favorite part of each service
was when we were able to connect
with people afterwards—either during the handshakes or perhaps during a potluck following the service.
(American Lutherans know how to
do potlucks!) The eye contact, the
soft word of “thank you,” or the
rough skin of someone who labors
with their hands reminded me of
the amazing breadth of God’s love
of each one of us. May our family
now extend the love you showed us
to our students, that they may come
to fully know the love and grace of
“Going between worlds”
There is a saying, “Home is
where our story begins.” We, as
humans, connect to places. QuesThe Friendly Visitor
Volume 50, October
tions such as, “Where were you
born?” or “Where are you from?”
are complex questions for our family, and our kids will have to field
that question for the rest of their
lives, and I doubt it will ever be an
easy question for them to answer.
Last month, the four of us departed the U.S. and headed back to
our other home in Japan. Leaving
our friends and family behind is
always difficult, but it seemed especially so this year for our daughter, Emilie. While technologies like
Skype, instant messaging, and
Facebook make our connections on
both sides of the sea much easier
than even a decade ago, that physical, tangible leaving is still excruciating.
While Hannah was happy to return to her parents’ country of calling, Emilie would have been much
more content to stay in her passport
country. Only 10 minutes before
we left, I had to answer Emilie’s
tearful question, “Why do we have
to go back?” My first reaction was
to just throw out a platitude like
“because that’s what needs to happen right now.” However, instead
of giving her a lecture on how it
was our responsibility to return to
work and to the country that God
wants Patrick and me to be serving,
I just hugged her and told her that
my heart hurt as well. After a few
minutes of crying, she seemed to
find a reserve of strength to get in
the car at 6 a.m. and make it to the
Operating between worlds—
school and home, Christian and
non-Christian, Japanese and
American, work life and family
life, call and responsibilities—these
are pluralities that are difficult to
navigate for most people on some
Page 11
level. Sometimes the most difficult
thing is when kids become the sacrifice to that call.
The taste of the word “goodbye”
is still bittersweet on my tongue.
My prayer is that we, as well as the
family and friends we left behind in
the U.S. will hear the clear whisper
of God himself, saying, “I am with
you” as we grieve. May we quickly
assimilate into a heartfelt place of
belonging, and may the Lord’s love
and magnificence shine through
our stories.
Whether you meet a refugee, an
immigrant, a traveler, a thirdculture kid, or a missionary, I encourage you to consider them as a
potential friend who might have
just said a tearful goodbye and may
need a hug, a word of reassurance,
or compassionate eyes more than
anything else.
Our current mailing address:
Bencke Family
Phone from U.S.:
Missionary Sponsorship:
For more information on ELCA missionary sponsorship, please contact
Lanny Westphal at Global Mission
Support, 8765 W. Higgins Road, Chicago IL 60631; 800-638-3522, ext.
ELCA—Global Mission
If you are interested in learning more
about the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America’s global mission,
please visit:
December 2014
The Lutheran
To those who did not subscribe to
The Lutheran magazine, help
yourself to one of the issues available on the end table in the hallway across from the office.
Here's a look at the December issue:
 Wait! The cover story in The
Lutheran’s December issue focuses on Advent, which comes
and gently invites Christians
into a period of waiting. And
read how congregations use
Advent traditions to light the
way. To help your discussion of
this topic, visit for a
study guide (click on “study
guides” on the left-hand side).
 ’Tis the season. In December,
The Lutheran provides articles
to help you await the Christ
child ... reflect on “Saving Jesus” … ponder the three Advents of Christ by reading
“Who was, who is, who is to
come” … think about materialism in “A God who gets messy”
… visit a Pennsylvania congregation that makes wooden toys
for children in need … and
travel to Wisconsin where a
church displays nativities year
 The cross at Christmas? In her
December column for The Lutheran, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton reminds us that
“all of our Christmas glorias are
realized in Jesus’ glorification
on the cross.” With Jesus we
have peace, we have hope, we
The Friendly Visitor
are loved—and not just at
 Something to discuss. Look to
The Lutheran for all your study
needs. In the December issue,
discuss the “Permanently poor”
with columnist Peter Marty,
who says they need to be loved,
not thought of as a problem to
be solved. Think about a graceful benediction. Ponder “Truth
in advertising” with an ELCA
theologian, who says God does
satisfy our deepest longings in
and through material things (a
study guide is available at; see the
study guide link on the lefthand side).
 We are church. In The Lutheran’s December issue ...
learn how a “mobile church”
serves up calzones and hope …
visit a congregation that offers
sanctuary to an immigrant …
get an update 10 years after the
tsunami … use emails to share
faith stories … make and sell
cards for ELCA World Hunger
… and meet an ELCA member
who taught children for 50
years—for free.
Board will be responsible for
bringing your suggestion/concern
to the attention of the Church
Council and reporting back to you
what action was taken.
Audio Ministry
Sunday sermons are broadcast on
local radio station WMEQ 880
AM (and worldwide via iHeartRadio) Sundays at 9:30 a.m.; or listen
to recent Sunday services on-line
Did you know?
If you use Google's Gmail calendar on your computer, you can
keep the Christ Lutheran calendar
a click away by simply adding
to the “add a friend's calendar” box
in your Google calendar. (The
same calendar is available to anyone with web access by simply
clicking the “Calendar” tab on our
web site:
Suggestion Forms “Friendly Visitor”
There are Suggestion Forms available in the narthex. Please use the
form to make suggestions or express any concerns you have for
our ministry. All forms should be
submitted to the church office in a
sealed envelope addressed to the
Executive Board. The Executive
Page 12
To receive monthly emails linking
the latest “Friendly Visitor” web
version, visit and click
"Go Green." Using instructions
there, you may also elect to stop
receiving the paper version by
U.S. Mail.
December 2014
Thank you for service this month! If you cannot serve at your scheduled day or time, it is your responsibility to
exchange with someone and then notify the church office (235-5573) of the change by 2 p.m. on Wednesday.
Scripture Readers
December 7
Barb Meser
December 14
COSMO Christmas Program
December 21
Phil Merritt
December 28
Mike Merritt
Ushers (Dec. 7)
Ardith Jacobson and Sarah Dahle
Ushers (Dec. 14 thru Jan. 4)
Jeff Schreiber Family
Ushers (Dec. 24—3 p.m.)
Christmas Eve—3 p.m.: Harry Evjen, Brian and Amanda Hillestad
Ushers (Dec. 24—5 p.m.)
Christmas Eve—5 p.m.: Jake & Shirley Bostrom and Wurm Family
Ushers (Dec. 25—9 a.m.)
Christmas Day—9 a.m.: Steve & Kelly Roemhild
December 7
Kristy Binkley and Jessica Grutt
December 14
December 21
Brian Hillestad and family
December 24 (Christmas Eve)
Christmas Eve—5 p.m.: Jake, Shirley, and Kari Bostrom
December 25 (Christmas Day)
Christmas Day—9 a.m.: Jerry & Jan Traxler
December 28
Youth Sunday (college)
December 7
William Gilbertson
December 14
Dylan Crouse
December 21
Jacob Wurm
December 28
Trinity Norman
Communion Assistants
December 7 (Kneeling)
Phil Merritt, Shirley Browning, Jerry Traxler, William Gilbertson,
Marilyn Tye (Assisting Lay Minister), Pastor Geoff Scott
December 21 (Intinction)
Dan Gonstead, Harold Hansen, Doug Anibas, Linda Powers,
Marilyn Tye (Assisting Lay Minister), Pastor Geoff Scott
December 24 (Intinction) - Christmas Eve Service at 5 p.m.: Jake & Shirley Bostrom, Ken & Sherry Iverson, Dan Tye,
Darrin Falk, Gary & Andrea Johnson, Claudia Kjenslee, Sue Dahm, Marilyn Tye (Asst. Lay Minister), Pastor Geoff
Coffee Servers
December 7: William Gilbertson and family
December 14: COSMO (Birthday cake for Jesus)
December 21: Jacob Wurm and family
December 28: Trinity Norman and family
Bakers Guild
December 7:
December 14: Christmas Cookies decorated by COSMO/Christ Time
December 21:
December 28:
December Altar Care: Arlene Mork and Deb Johnson
December Money Counters: Darrin Falk and Jerry Smith
The Friendly Visitor
Page 13
December 2014
Prayer Ventures for December
1: In this Advent season, we anticipate and acknowledge the
presence of the light that no darkness can overcome, Jesus
2: Grounded in prayer, we hope that the current truce following the recent war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza will hold
so that God's peace and justice will prevail.
3: We give thanks for the ELCA Church Council which has
approved the implementation of this church’s Disability Ministries and Youth and Young Adult programs into Always Being Made New: The Campaign for the ELCA.
4: More than 2 billion people – a third of the world’s population – do not have access to improved sanitation and remain at
risk for cholera. We give thanks for ELCA members and partners working to improve sanitation facilities around the world.
5: We give thanks for ELCA members and others who have
contributed $13 million to the ELCA Malaria Campaign in
their effort to raise $15 million by 2015. Through the campaign, ELCA members have joined with companion Lutheran
churches and partners in 13 African countries to prevent and
treat malaria, educate communities about the disease and
6: Grant ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and other
ELCA leaders joy and a spirit of bold trust, that their work
may stir us to a life of fruitful service.
7: In daily life cultural, ethnic and racial differences matter,
but they can be seen and celebrated as what God intends them
to be — blessings rather than means of oppression and discrimination.
8: Ever living God, strengthen and sustain the membership of
this church, that with patience and understanding we may continue to love and care for your people.
9: We give thanks for the "appreciative inquiry" process led by
our presiding bishop, a process that recognizes the ministries
that this church does well and areas in which there’s room to
grow. By thinking together, we can imagine what God is calling this church to be.
10: We give thanks for the generosity of the more than 3.8
million ELCA members, as we strive to be faithful in our efforts to strengthen the life-impacting ministries of this church.
11: We give thanks for Lutheran Disaster Response, which
enables ELCA members to partner alongside people and communities impacted by a disaster, as together we navigate our
way through recovery.
12: Lord God, you have called this church to respond to the
needs of the unaccompanied children arriving in the United
States. Guide us as we continue to look for ways to respond,
including advocacy and strengthening relationships with Lutheran churches overseas.
13: Keep us in communion with all the saints, especially Lucy,
martyr, whom we commemorate today and until that day when
all tears will be wiped away and sorrow will be no more.
14: We praise you for your servant John of the Cross, renewer
of the church, whom we commemorate on this day. Like John
and the saints who walked with him, raise up in our own day
teachers and prophets inspired by you, with voices that give
strength to this church.
The Friendly Visitor
15: We give thanks for the men and women who help advance
this church’s global mission by moving us toward a church
that is joining together across its expressions to proclaim the
good news of Jesus Christ here and around the world.
16: Almighty God, we lift before you those impacted by
Ebola. Bless our accompaniment with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone and the Lutheran Church in
17: We give thanks for ELCA members and others who have
contributed more than $2.5 million to support humanitarian
assistance for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the
Philippines one year ago.
18: We give thanks for the congregations of this church and
lift up their commitments restoring and reconciling communities in a fragmented world.
19: Through the ELCA Book of Faith Initiative encourage all
members, from children to adults, to dig deeper into our book
of faith, the Bible.
20: We praise you for your servant Katharina von Bora Luther, renewer of the church, whom we commemorate on this
day. Like Katharina, raise up in our own day teachers and
prophets with voices that give strength to this church.
21: As we light the four candles for Advent, open our eyes to
see Christ’s presence among us.
22: As congregations are invited to study The Use of the
Means of Grace, guide our worshiping community’s conversation.
23: We give thanks for Lutheran World Relief, an ELCA partner, dedicated to ending poverty, injustice and human suffering around the world.
24: Gloria in excelsis Deo! Glory to God in the highest! We
join the angels tonight, singing God’s highest praise for what
God has done. Glory to God in the highest and peace to you
on this Christmas Eve!
25: Whatever we feel today, isolated or at one with those
around us, we give thanks that God is with us! Christ has
come to dwell with us!
26: Almighty God, give us such an awareness of your mercies
that with thankful hearts we praise you.
27: We give thanks for John, apostle and evangelist, whom we
celebrate on this day, and pray that the brightness of God’s
light shine on this church, and that all may walk in the light of
28: On this day we remember the Holy Innocents, martyrs,
and the slaughter of innocent children in Bethlehem by order
of King Herod. Guide all those who lead to do so in justice
and love.
29: We give thanks for ELCA World Hunger, its work and
mission of reaching communities in need with innovative solutions that get at the root causes of hunger.
30: We lift up the ELCA’s observation of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.
31: We give thanks for a new year. Grant that in 2015 we may
know God’s presence, see God’s love at work and live in the
light of the event that gives us joy forever—the coming of
God’s Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
Page 14
December 2014
The Friendly Visitor
Christ Lutheran Church
1306 Wilcox Street
Menomonie, WI 54751
Merry Christmas from the staff of Christ Lutheran Church—
Pastor Geoff Scott, Marilyn Tye, Jane Amble,
Josie Wilterdink, Kaye Wurm, Tom Surdick, Dick Rank
Pastoral Ministry
Ministers: All Members of the Congregation.
Pastor: Geoff Scott (home 632-2195; cell 556-3699;
Assisting Minister: Marilyn Tye (
Lutheran Campus Minister: Pastor Kurt Larson (
Lutheran Campus Ministry Director: Katie Wagner (
Music Ministry
Chancel Choir Director: Emily Hansen (
Organist: LuAnn Dohms.
Substitutes: Emily Hansen, Andrew Maki, Mary Merritt.
Choir Accompanist: Emily Hansen.
Youth Ministry
Youth Co-Director: Josie Wilterdink (
Youth Co-Director: Kaye Wurm (
Sunday School (COSMO)
Superintendent: Josie Wilterdink (
Music Director: Emily Hansen.
Accompanist: Mary Merritt.
Custodian: Tom Surdick (cell 715-505-7022).
Missionary Sponsorship
Patrick & Jackie Bencke, Japan (
Office Staff
Church Secretary Office Hours: Monday through Thursday—
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Friday—8:30 a.m. to Noon.
(Please note that the pastor’s day off is Friday.)
Secretary: Jane Amble (home 235-0748;
Treasurer: Dick Rank (
Radio Ministry
Radio Broadcast on 880 AM Sundays at 9:30 a.m.
Internet Ministry
Sunday bulletins, “Friendly Visitor” newsletters, calendar, audio of Sunday
services, and much more may be found at or at
We’re on the Web!
“Where God’s
of love
is for all.”
6:00 PM Exec Board
10:00 AM Spiritual
4:00 PM Worship at The
Neighbors of Dunn
10:30 AM CLCW Bible
Study and Christmas
Potluck (all welcome!)
5:00 PM Worship with
Holy Comm. in
Fellowship Hall
7:15 PM Chancel Choir
9:00 AM Worship with
Holy Comm.
6:30 PM Council in FH
10:05 AM Quilt Sale in
Fellowship Hall
9:00 AM Mission
Work Day
10:00 AM Spiritual
Quilt Sale in Fellowship
Hall following worship
6:15 PM -7:15 PM Christ
Christ Time attends matinee
"It's a Wonderful Life"
5:00 PM Christ Time,
COSMO, Chancel
Choir--Pizza followed
by cookie decorating
and carolimg
9:00 AM Practice for
Christmas Program
5:00 PM Worship with Holy
Comm. in Fellowship Hall
10:10 AM COSMO
10:30 AM Outreach
9:00 AM Worship with
COSMO Christmas
10:10 AM COSMO
10:00 AM Spiritual
7:15 PM Chancel Choir
7:00 PM Longest Night
Service (in Fellowship
5:00 PM Worship with
Holy Comm. in
Fellowship Hall
6:00 PM
10:30 AM Worship
9:00 AM Worship with
Holy Comm.
7:00 PM
Congregational Life
10:00 AM Spiritual
3:00 PM Christmas Eve
Candlelight Service with
Holy Comm.
CHRISTMAS! (church
office closed)
5:00 PM Christmas Eve
Candlelight Service with
Holy Communion
9:00 AM Christmas
Day Service with Holy
10:00 AM Spiritual
9:00 AM Service of
Lessons & Carols
Are you serving in ministry this month? See page 13 to find out!
5:00 PM Worship with
Holy Comm. in
Fellowship Hall
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