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Aegrotat Procedure

Vice-president, Academic
Durham College Leadership Team
December 2011
December 2014
Students who, as a result of rare emergency circumstances, are unable to complete all of their
program evaluation requirements may apply for Aegrotat standing. The Office of the VicePresident, Academic will provide support, information and counsel for individuals, schools and
program teams implementing this process.
Qualifying for Aegrotat standing:
1. To be eligible for Aegrotat (designated as AEG on transcripts) standing for a course, a
student shall have at least 75 per cent of the course work completed, with a minimum
course grade of 50 per cent.
2. External accreditation requirements and other constraints necessitate that not all
courses will be eligible for Aegrotat standing. School deans are responsible for
determining course eligibility.
Requesting Aegrotat standing:
1. A request for Aegrotat standing must be submitted in writing, using the collegeapproved application form attached, to the program dean within 15 business days from
the last day of classes in that course.
2. Aegrotat application forms are available online, in school offices and through the Office
of the Registrar. Forms must be submitted to the school office.
3. It is the responsibility of the requester to provide documentation, where available, in
support of his or her request. Individuals requesting Aegrotat standing are responsible
for any costs incurred with respect to obtaining documentation.
4. A student may apply for Aegrotat standing for no more than the equivalent of one
semester’s course load in his or her program of study.
Determining Aegrotat standing:
1. The program dean or associate dean, in consultation with the course professor(s), may
grant or decline Aegrotat standing.
2. Students may continue attending classes that have as prerequisites one or more
courses for which they are seeking Aegrotat standing while a decision on Aegrotat
status is pending.
3. The program dean or associate dean shall have five business days from the date the
application is received to render a decision and inform the student in writing on the
request for Aegrotat standing.
4. Where a request for Aegrotat standing has been denied, the requester may appeal the
decision, as per the college’s Grade Appeal Policy and Procedure.
Documenting Aegrotat standing:
1. The program dean or associate dean shall note his or her decision about an Aegrotat
application on the college-approved form and forward the form to the Registrar’s office
for entry in the student’s record.
2. The Registrar’s office shall forward a copy of the completed form to the student.
3. Where granted, Aegrotat standing shall be noted as a credit on a student’s transcript
and designated ‘Aegrotat with no numerical grade assigned. For the purpose of
fulfilling a prerequisite, an Aegrotat is a valid credit.
4. An Aegrotat cannot be used for the purposes of calculating a student’s term or
cumulative grade point average (GPA).
Roles and responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the vice-president, Academic to ensure that the Aegrotat procedure is
fully implemented.
It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the application for Aegrotat standing within the
established timelines and to provide all appropriate documentation.
It is the responsibility of the dean or designate to grant or decline the application and inform
the student of the decision in writing, within the established timelines.
It is the responsibility of the dean or designate to communicate their decision to the Office of
the Registrar.
It is the responsibility of the Office of the Registrar to enter it in the student record, as
Related policies, procedures and directives
Durham College Aegrotat Policy ACAD–110
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