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Welcome to the ACF Central Florida Chapter — where members of the Culinary Arts come together, learn more
about their craft, and inspire a passion for food. Through our website, email newsletter, events, and various social
media outlets, we reach more than 2,000 local chefs and culinary professionals each month. You can reach into our
established, targeted market through one of three sponsor packages.
As our chapter grows, we hope to include you as a partner. In exchange for your sponsorship, we will put your
company’s name and logo in front of thousands of local culinary professionals on a regular basis. Revenue generated
from your sponsorship will be used to help support our culinary teams, inspire student members, and fund the many
local Orlando charities that our chapter supports (ie. Give Kids the World, Taste of Compassion, and more).
Our sponsorship packages include a variety of these features:
Website Button Ad — small colorful company ad to be placed on all site pages
Website Logo Placement — carousel or slideshow of sponsor logos to be placed on high traffic site pages
Company Feature Article — full page, special feature of your company published in the Sponsor Gallery of
the chapter website
Sponsor Widget — special widget that appears on the sidebar of most chapter website pages, the latest 5
new sponsors are shown at a time
Newsletter logo placement — sponsor logos included in a special area within all chapter email newsletter
Home Page Feature — a special one-month placement on the highest traffic page of the site, the home page,
in a special section titled “Sponsor of the Month”
ACF Associate Membership — a special ACF membership for a group, company or corporation providing
products or services to the culinary profession
Christmas Party Tickets — tickets for members of your company to attend the ACF Central Florida
Chapter’s annual Christmas Party held each December
President’s Gala Corporate Table — a table of 8 seats exclusively for employees or guests of your
company to attend the ACF Central Florida Chapter’s annual President’s Gala held each January
Help support the ACF Central Florida Chapter.
Sign up for sponsorship today!
Lynda Gail Alfano
ACF/CFC Marketing Consultant
407-928-6362 or
ACF/CFC Sponsor Agreement Form
Thank you for supporting the ACF Central Florida Chapter! Please check the box
next to the sponsor package your company is interested in:
Bronze ($500/yr)
Silver ($1,000/yr)
Gold ($1,500/yr)
The undersigned warrants that he/she is authorized to execute this contract for the
Sponsor and that they have received and reviewed a copy of this Agreement.
Company Name: ___________________________________________________
Contact/Title: _____________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________ City: _______________
State: ________ Zip: __________
Phone: _________________________________________
Fax: ______________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________
Agreement Date: ____________________
Sponsor Signature: _________________________________________________
* Please make check payable to ACF Central Florida Chapter, Inc.
* Credit cards also accepted
* Upon reservation, all signed and paid contracts are final.
* Please mail payment to:
ACF Central Florida Chapter
207 Indiana Avenue • St. Cloud, FL 34769
Sponsor Agreement
Advertiser agrees that all artwork,
copy and photos created by
ACF/CFC are the property of
ACF/CFC and any copyrights
existing therein are hereby
transferred to ACF/CFC. In the
event the above advertiser wishes
to change the ad resulting in a
new ad layout design and/or
photos, advertiser agrees to pay
additional production charges, if
required, and agrees to notify
ACF/CFC of the requested ad
changes. Advertiser agrees to
indemnify and hold harmless
ACF/CFC from any loss or
liability arising out of or in
connection with the publication
of the advertised material.
ACF/CFC will not be responsible
for errors in advertising.
This web advertising agreement is
based on a term of one year. At
the expiration of this annual
contract, this agreement may be
renewed on an annual basis (at
the current rate) until such time
as either party shall give the other
party a 30-day advance written
notice, prior to publication date,
of its intent not to continue under
the terms herein.
Payment for the website
advertising is due prior to the ads
going live on
Final payment is due at time of
signing. Any other sponsorships
or services will be invoiced
independently and due on the
date specified. The Advertiser
agrees to pay invoices upon
receipt. Ads WILL NOT be
placed on the reserved website
program space if full payment is
not received. Any acceptance of
this contract is subject to
ACF/CFC website advertising
terms and must be approved by
the current ACF/CFC President.
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