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2015 Hitachi Medical Corporation
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Digital R/F System with FPD
Offset Open-Type Multi-Purpose R/F Table System
CUREVISTA is Hitachi’s unique R/F table system that
allows two unique functions; “Offset Table” and “Offset
Arm”. The arm travels in both longitudinal and lateral
directions. CUREVISTA offers excellent coverage of the
patient by a wide scanning area and allows examinations
to be operated without any movement of the table and
patient. It is designed to provide comfort to all patients
during examinations.
Multi-Purpose R/F Table System
Original Symmetrical Design of Hitachi with Oblique
Arm, Table Tilt and Wide Scanning Stroke offers stress
free experience during clinical procedures. In addition,
the table top lowers to 48cm from floor for easy patient
transfer to the table. The system is offered with Flat
Panel Detector in selectable sizes of 17inch x 17inch
(approximately 43cm×43cm), 40cm x 30cm, or 30cm x
VersiFlex VISTA
Multi-Purpose C-arm R/F Table System
VersiFlex VISTA is suitable for diverse clinical
requirement."Table Lock Tracking”, Hitachi’s original
auto tracking function, helps to scan with less
magnification rate for better image resolution and adds
to medical safety. A rich variety of functions such as
DRC (Dynamic Range Compression), Dynamic Gamma,
Detailed Fluoroscopy and Auto Tracking Function
supports the requirement of multi-purpose examinations
in pursuit of high performance and advanced operability.
Digital R/F Table System with I.I.
Digital R/F Table System
POPULUS Ti has inherited flexibility, mobility and
functionality into the system. Although the size is
reduced, the wide stroke mechanism of the imaging
unit is still available. The POPULUS series are also
equipped with FAiCE-V, Hitachi’s original image
processing technology.
Digital R/F Table System
Hitachi’s compact R/F table system allows simple
operability. The combination of the large Image
Intensifier (13-inch) with the long longitudinal
stroke (76cm) enhances throughput and high image
quality simultaneously.
FAiCE, Hitachi’s original image processing
technology, automatically develops series of entire
image data and displays clear clinical images in
real time. It is designed to be compatible with both
Hitachi’s large Image Intensifier and VISTA Panel,
the 3rd generation FPD with the wide dynamic range. As a benefit of VISTA series, “Detailed
Fluoroscopy” (optional), the advanced high-definition technology, ensures high-quality resolution
comparable to radiographic images.
General Radiography System
Radnext 80 Radnext 50 Radnext 32
General Radiography System
Hitachi has cultivated radiography systems for nearly half
a century with “Radnext” series being the most recent and
popular system of our radiography systems. It comes with
our original inverter type of X-ray high-voltage generators
in 80, 50, or 32kW. A rich variety of combinations allows
coping with many clinical requirements.
The picture shows an example of the Smart Set.
Radnext 80 with DXR-3000F
Radnext 50 with DXR-3000F
Digital General Radiography System
Radnext80/50 with DXR-3000F is Hitachi’s
advanced digital general radiography system.
DXR-3000F, which is Hitachi’s cutting-edge
digital image processor and FPD, pursues brilliant
image quality to support your diagnostics.
In addition, the unique “All-in-one console”,
improves your workflow.
Compact General Radiography System
CLINIX II is Hitachi’s most compact general radiography
system with a 20kW X-ray high-voltage generator. It is
able to fit in a confined space as small as 2.7m x 1.8m.
*Vertical bucky stand is optional.
Mobile X-Ray System
Sirius 130HP
Hitachi has manufactured mobile X-ray for more than half a
century and has shipped over 13,000 units worldwide. Sirius
130HP has the largest share in mobile X-ray market in Japan*.
Hitachi’s only “Pantographic Arm”, is a combination of a long
arm and an articulated structure, which achieves high flexibility
and operability. This allows the X-ray tube to extend higher
from floor, and maintains long SID.
*In 2012. [Reference: Yano Research Institute Ltd. Medium-term forecast and market
share of medical equipment. Ver.2012 to 2013. (2013)]
MR Imaging System
The New Shape of MR
ECHELON OVAL is designed around the shape of the
human body, allowing for an optimal patient experience with
outstanding comfort, space, and efficiency.
The game-changing 74cm oval bore is wider 1.5T MR than
Enhanced patient accessibility combined with Hitachi’s
Workflow Integrated Technology(WIT), advanced imaging
capabilities, and Customer Support, makes ECHELON OVAL
an ideal solution for improved workflow, greater diagnostic
confidence, and increased cost-efficiencies.
ECHELON OVAL, the innovation that’s changing the shape
of MR.
Patient/Scan Info
• WIT Monitor
Patient Introduction
• WIT Mobile Table
Patient Positioning
• WIT Mobile Table
• WIT RF Coils
• WIT Monitor
Promising MRI to meet
your expectation
ECHELON further advances magnetic resonance scanning
technologies by providing faster operation and clearer
imaging, making diagnosis easy. In response to the needs of
the medical community, ECHELON provides ture practicality
and ease of use.
• AutoPose
• WIT RF Coil
• Element Selection
MR Imaging System
This is the only Hitachi open MRI with a single pillar
structure, which provides wider openness. It has a design
that takes examinees into consideration. For Hitachi,
the design is also an important specification for an MRI
system. APERTO Lucent can be incorporated with
measurement functions newly developed by Hitachi
for the high magnetic field system, which widens the
possibility of diagnostic imaging.
An improved operability to make a wide variety of
information available. High-precision images of a one
step higher level. A friendly design with more comfort.
This compact system has condensed “gentleness” of MRI
with all functions such as operability, image quality, and
comfort necessary for improved MRI. Another new value
of the open MRI is created here.
Laterally Aligned Table
The laterally aligned table allows the AIRIS Vento LT to
be compact.
The body region that is distant from the midline (shoulder,
knee, etc.) can be set to the magnetic field center.
Open architecture gives not only a feeling of security, but
it has considerable merits for taking care of small children
and elderly patients and securing space for contrast
medium injection.
CT System
Wish to scan a wide area in short amount of time and
obtain images with high precision – there had been
many technical obstacles to achieve this, such as the
resolution degradation in the periphery of FOV due to
the high-speed rotation of the scanner.
Our high-speed data sampling technologies realized
0.35s/rot scanning which can be used not only for
cardiac scanning but also whole-body scanning for
In order to fully answer the needs of the patient, the
operator and the doctor, image quality, workflow and
user-friendliness have been refined.
Hitachi aims for an all-round CT with absolutely no
room for compromise.
64ch/128slice CT ~ SCENARIA ~ is reborn.
The needs for faster and more accurate diagnosis
are increasing every day in the front-line of medical
practice. Supria is designed to answer in one CT all
the demands for various routine applications, compact
size, useful results and ease of use without any
compromise. Supria 16ch CT is your answer to take
off to the next clinical and technology standard.
75cm wide gantry bore with compact foot-print.
64ch/128slice CT
Optical Topography
Hitachi Optical Topography system measures
and images dynamically the hemoglobin levels
in the brain during functional activity using
near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS).
Measurement of this system is non-invasive,and
relatively restraint-free and convenient for the
patient being tested.
The system beams near-infrared light into
patient's head,and pick up the reflected light
penetrating through the cerebral cortrex. It
opens up a totally new way of assessing the
3×11(52-channel) holder and 3D display function are optional.
imultaneous 24 or 48-channel measurements
linic-conscious with three types of holders
Stable measurements are possible using a cap
that fixes the holders.
• Operator-friendly
ompact and mobile
• I mproved S/N ratio with shortened wavelength
Use of 695 nm wavelength
• 3D topographic image display system
• I nterface for the video recording system
• 3 ×11(52-channel) holder
eonate/infant probe
Diagnostic Ultrasound System
ARIETTA series
This new diagnostic ultrasound platform has been developed from the fusion of technologies developed
over many years in both the HI VISION series (manufactured by Hitachi Medical Corp.), and the
ProSound series (by the former Aloka Co. Ltd. ) of platforms, and with further input from cooperation
with the research laboratories of Hitachi, Ltd.
ARIETTA70 is a high-performance diagnostic
ultrasound system exclusively focused on the creation
of high quality “sound” using Symphonic Technology
– a combination of developments that include raw
materials for the probe, design of the front-end and
back-end as well as the display monitor. Versatile
functions such as Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)
where volume data from CT/MRI/US is fused with
high resolution real-time ultrasound images, and Realtime Tissue Elastography (RTE) that visualizes the
stiffness of tissue in real time can be incorporated.
The “Usability” of ARIETTA60, designed in the
pursuit of comfort.
High-performance features normally reserved for highend models are integrated into this compact system
which is ergonomically designed to allow the examiner
to scan in comfort irrespective of the type of patient
or clinical examination. With large casters and almost
25% lighter in weight than conventional systems
(Hitachi Aloka Medical’s in-house comparison), the
ARIETTA 60 can be moved around with little effort. A
large palm rest is provided centrally to give optimum
wrist support during examinations. To complement
the high-definition image quality, a broad range of
transducers and advanced functionality offer increased
diagnostic confidence. For example, Dual Gate
Doppler allows observation of Doppler waveforms
from two sample points simultaneously and 3D/4D
functionality can be incorporated.
Diagnostic Ultrasound System
ProSound F75 Premier
Offering excellent diagnosable images for a wide
variety of clinical applications, the ProSound F75
Premier is “FIT” for comfortable and efficient
ultrasound examinations.
◦Facilitate Workflow
The system allows you to adjust for the best positions of the
monitor and operation panel for each examiner.
◦Investment Return
Various ways to minimize costs have been devised in all 3
phases of introduction, during use and after use.
◦True Diagnostics
The images with high diagnostic ability will lead to confident
ProSound 7
The ProSound α7 is a ultrasound system that contradicts the
thought that high-performance systems are large. It inherits the
proven technologies and functions of our high-end product, yet
offers outstanding mobility for daily clinical use. The system is
easily transported to deliver high performance throughout the
ProSound 6
The ProSound α6 is the next generation compact color
ultrasound system providing unprecedented performance in
a variety of ultrasound applications. It inherits the proven
technologies and functions of high-performance higher
class models. The compact and lightweight system is easily
transported and occupies only a small footprint. The ProSound
α6 was presented the iF Product Design Award 2010.
Diagnostic Ultrasound System
With Noblus, a flexible style system that fits well
with various clinical scenes by combining the main
body of a notebook PC style US system with a
mounting cart was realized. The mounted battery
and wireless DICOM compatibility allows the
system to round smoothly. In addition, the clear
image quality by UltraBE (Ultrasound Broad band
Engine), the digital signal processing circuit,
together with the Elastography that provides
visually the information of the hardness, thus
offering a full range of functions.
Thoroughly simple and compact. The F37 is full
of functional and ergonomic features for simple
operation. Imaging functions inherited from higherclass models support F37's excellent patient care.
The equipped, enhanced, and evolutionary 3E
Platform enables the small size, as well as faster
processing, lower power consumption, and future
Diagnostic Ultrasound System
ProSound 6
Backed by the proven technologies of the ProSound
series which are reputed for excellent image
quality, the ProSound 6 supports high-level echo
examination setting the new standard in its class.
The system is slim enough for use in a limited
space, such as an outpatient consulting room, the
bedside in the ward, an operating room, etc.
ProSound 2
The ProSound 2 has been developed to meet the
demand for high image quality in a portable unit.
In features user-friendly simple operation with
a variety of probes, making it ideal for today's
increasingly diverse examination environment
thanks to its enhanced flexibility and ingenuity.
Diagnostic Ultrasound System
HI VISION Ascendus
We have attained a new level of development to meet the
endless demand for high quality imaging. The HI VISION
Ascendus is filled with a full range of advanced technologies
developed by joining forces of the Hitachi Group. ULTRA
BE II, the second generation of ultrasound broadband engine,
realized unprecedented high quality imaging performance. The
ULTRA BE II allows for various new functions including 4D
The HI VISION Preirus is a compact premium class ultrasound
scanner with brand new platform. In addition to the further
improvement of technologies like Real-time Tissue Elastography
and Real-time Virtual Sonography, this system realizes basic
performance required to ultrasound systems in higher level than
ever before. For higher image quality, Pure Image, beautiful and
clear image is achieved. For higher operationality, its ergonomic
design and the touch panel incorporated in the image monitor
offer a comfortable operation.
Diagnostic ultrasound system “HI VISION Avius” equipped
with Hitachi's latest digital technologies realizes high-definition
ultrasound beam forming and advanced image processing.
Especially, it compactly integrates high-quality imaging
functions such as the 3rd generation tissue harmonic function
(HdTHI), adaptive imaging function (HI REZ) and so on.
The HI VISION Avius can also incorporate Real-time Tissue
Bone Densitometry System
Use environments for bone densitometry systems
are diverse. AOS-100SA is a system reliable in
each environment, daily examinations to
screenings, from the elderly to children,
regardless of environment temperature.
DCS-600EXV is DXA based system which
measures forearm (radius) BMD. The bone in
the forearm (radius) has minimum aging
deformation, and is therefore suitable for elderly
BMD diagnosis. Diaphysis (filled with cortical
bone) and Distal Radius (filled with spongy
bone) can be scanned in one scan.
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