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Curriculum Vitae
Name: Guanghuan Cheng
Phone number: 076-5581-875
E-mail address:
Address: Sernanders väg 4 room 542, 75261, Uppsala
Research interests
My research in Zhejiang University focused on sediment organic pollution (nonylphenol)
remediation by black carbon and microorganism, involving detection of nonylphenol in surface
water and sediment, adsorption and desorption of nonylphenol on black carbon, and effect of
black carbon on biodegradation of nonylphenol in sediment.
My research in Uppsala University is about the role of iron a regulator of the degradation of
organic matter in lakes. It is reported that the formation of complexes of iron and organic matter
has been identified as one mechanism for stabilizing organic carbon in soil and marine sediment.
And iron-bound organic carbon exhibits marked stability and prolonged resistance to microbial
attack. But there are very few studies about this research so far in lakes. So we want to do some
research to solve this problem and investigate the role of iron on the degradation of organic matter
in lakes.
PhD (MD-PhD)
Effect of black carbon on biodegradation of nonylphenol in sediment
Black carbon (BC), a promising novel material of controlling hydrophobic organic
contaminants (HOCs), can reduce the bioavailability and short-term biological toxicity of HOCs
by its super adsorptivity. At the same time the addition of BC can weaken the natural attenuation
rate by the way such as microbial degradation, thereby causing long-term retention of HOCs in
sediments. In the study, nonylphenol (NP), a kind of endocrine-disrupting contaminants (EDCs)
and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the environment, is taken as the research object. It will
start from investigating the temporal and spatial distribution of NP pollution in Qiantang River,
and then study the mechanism of sorption-desorption of NP to BC and analyze the contribution of
BC to sorption of NP to sediment. On the other hand, in situ cylindrical sampler will be applied to
simulate the process of degradation of NP in typical point sediment, and then study the effect of
BC on this process. On that basis, it will research the influence of BC on the growth of
microorganisms incubated by highly active enrichment culture substance and the degradation of
NP. Furthermore, the biodegradation-desorption coupling model for NP in water-sediment-BC
system will be established by using pure culture.
Name of institution and dates: College of Environmental & Resource Sciences of Zhejiang
University, from September 2009 to now;
Name of PhD supervisor: Xinhua Xu/ Liping Lou.
First degree
Dates: from September 2004 to July 2008;
Name of institution, degree title and classification: Qufu Normal University, Bachelor of
Science degree;
Brief details of subjects: Based on biology (involving in zoology, botany, microbiology and
biochemistry, etc.), the theories of environmental science were introduced, such as air/water/solid
waste pollution control, toxicology, environmental chemistry and so on.
Brief summary of dissertation:
Acute toxicity test of Zn2+ and Hg2+ on Daphnia pulex
Single-factor and two-factor analysis of variance was used to study acute toxicity of Zn2+,
Hg2+ and the interaction of them to natural Daphnia pulex, respectively. Results showed that 24 h
LC50 and LC30 of Zn2+, Hg2+ on Daphnia pulex were 9.094 mg/L and 0.063mg/L, 4.362 mg/L and
0.037mg/L, respectively. And the interaction between Zn2+ and Hg2+ is not significant.
October 9-11, 2010, Hangzhou, China, the International Symposium on Environmental Behavior
and Effects of Biomass-Derived Charcoal;
May 21-23, 2011, Hangzhou, China, Programme for FP7 Training;
September 9-14, 2012, Hangzhou, China, the 16th Meeting of the International Humic Substances
Cheng Guanghuan, Zhu Liuchenghang, Sun Mingyang, Deng Jingyou, Chen Huanyu, Xu
Xinhua, Lou Liping, Chen Yingxu. Desorption and distribution of pentachlorophenol (PCP)
on aged black carbon-inclusive sediment. Journal of Soils and Sediments. (Accepted, IF:
Lou Liping, Cheng Guanghuan, Yang Qiang, Xu Xinhua, Hu Baolan, Chen Yingxu.
Development of a novel solid-phase extraction element for the detection of nonylphenol in
the surface water of Hangzhou. Journal of Environmental Monitoring. 2012, 14, 517-523.
(Published, IF: 2.085) (Supervisor as the first author)
Sun Mingyang, Cheng Guanghuan, Lu Rongjie, Tang Tingmei, Baig Shams Ali, Xu Xinhua.
Characterization of Hg0 re-emission and Hg2+ leaching potential from flue gas desulfurization
(FGD) gypsum. Fuel Processing Technology. (Published, IF: 2.954)
Lou Liping, Luo Ling, Cheng Guanghuan, Wei Yanfei, Mei Rongwu, Xun Bei, Xu Xinhua, Hu
Baolan, Chen Yingxu. The sorption of pentachlorophenol by aged sediment supplemented
with black carbon produced by rice straw and fly ash. Bioresource Technology. 2012, 112,
61-66. (Published, IF: 4.95) (Supervisor as the first author)
Lou Liping, Luo Ling, Yang Qiang, Cheng Guanghuan, Xun Bei, Xu Xinhua, Chen Yingxu.
Release of pentachlorophenol from black carbon-inclusive sediments under different
environmental conditions. Chemosphere, 2012, 88, 598-604. (Published, IF: 3.28)
(Supervisor as the first author)
Lou Liping, Luo Ling, Wang Lina, Cheng Guanghuan, Xu Xinhua, Hou Jiaai, Xun Bei, Hu
Baolan, Chen Yingxu. The influence of acid demineralization on surface characteristics of
black carbon and its sorption for pentachlorophenol. Journal of Colloid and Interface
Science. 2011, 361, 226-231. (Published, IF: 3.172) (Supervisor as the first author)
Sun Mingyang, Hou Jiaai, Cheng Guanghuan, Lu Rongjie, Tang Tingmei, Baig Shams Ali, Xu
Xinhua. Releasing and species changes of mercury from flue gas desulfurization (FGD)
gypsum. Fuel. (Accepted, IF: 3.357)
Cheng Guanghuan, Zhu Liuchenghang, Sun Mingyang, Deng Jingyou, Xu Xinhua, Lou Liping.
Investigation of the validity of black carbon on nonylphenol pollution control by
sorption-desorption kinetics. Bioresource Technology. (Under review, IF: 4.95)
Lou Liping, Cheng Guanghuan, Deng Jingyou, Sun Mingyang, Chen Huanyu, Yang Qiang, Xu
Xinhua. Mechanism of and relation between the sorption and desorption of nonylphenol on
black carbon-inclusive sediment. Environmental Pollution (Under review, IF: 3.73)
(Supervisor as the first author)
Administrative and teaching experience
I have guided 6 groups undergraduate doing “Student Research Training Program”, “National
Undergraduate Innovative Test Program” and graduation theses, respectively. And my
responsibilities included tutoring them experiment design, experimental manipulation, data
analysis, literature reading and writing papers.
Additional relevant (research) experience
From January 2006 to January 2007, I participated in national “Challenge Cup”- natural science
thesis match, and the title of my thesis was “Effect of acid rain, cadmium and decis on four major
enzyme activities in farmland soil”.
From June 2010 to June 2012, I participated in Open project of environmental pollution control
key laboratory, Zhejiang Province. The title of this project was “Application of biochar in
emergency treatment of drinking water organic pollution”. My duty was toxicity test of biochar.
From January 2012.01 to now, I participated in Science and technology development program of
Hangzhou city. The title of this project was “Nonylphenol pollution situation in main drinking
water of Hangzhou city and the role of black carbon in migration and transformation of
nonylphenol.” My duty was setting up detection method of nonylphenol by Solid phase
microextraction (SPME)-HPLC and studying Tenax desorption of nonylphenol from black carbon.
I assisted my tutor applying for the National Natural Science foundation of China this March;
I applied for college students of Zhejiang Province innovative business incubation projects
independently this November.
Work experience
From September 2009 to September 2011, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
administrator, Institute of Environment Protection, Zhejiang University;
From September to now, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrum (FTIR) administrator, Institute of
Environment Protection, Zhejiang University;
My duties of the two jobs were instruments maintenance and sample testing. I can operate HPLC
and FTIR skillfully now. I even can repair HPLC and FTIR when they had some small problems.
From 2010 to 2013, teaching assistant of two undergraduate courses.
Prizes and awards
From September 2004 to September 2005, Second-class scholarship of Qufu Normal University;
From September 2005 to September 2006, Three-class scholarship of Qufu Normal University;
From September 2006 to September 2008, Honorary title “honor roll student”;
From January 2006 to January 2007, Second prize of Shandong province of national “Challenge
Cup”- natural science thesis match;
From June 2007 to June 2008, Honorary title “Science and technology innovation advanced
individual” in Qufu Normal University;
At December 2008, First prize of Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, in the composition contest
about energy conservation and emission reduction;
From October 2011 to October 2012, Three-class Ping An Endeavourers scholarship of China in
Zhejiang University.
From October 2012 to October 2013, Honorary title “the outstanding graduate student ”of
Zhejiang University.
Other relevant qualifications
National Computer Rank II Examination;
College English Test 4 and 6;
Fourier transform infrared spectrum (FTIR) qualification certificate (Shimadzu).
Personal interests/hobbies
In the part-time, I like listening to music, watching movies and walking.
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