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Adventist Health System Increases Revenue $150K Per Month,
Lowers Costs Using QuadraMed Enterprise Self Service
eploy self-service technology to
streamline routine patient interactions
• Increase voluntary patient co-pays to
reduce collection costs
ptimize staff productivity to lower
administrative costs
uadraMed Enterprise Self-Service
(ESS) solutions including Patient Portal,
MediKiosk™ and support services
HS collects over 50% of patient payments
via online and kiosk self-service channels
n additional $150,000 per month
captured in recurring payments
educed credit card transaction fees
by more than $3,000 per month
hortened registration time by four
minutes per visit
ecreased billing and collection costs
by nearly 10%
ncreases in co-pays and deductibles translate into patient
collections comprising an expanding percentage of every
healthcare provider’s overall revenue. According to industry
estimates, these out-of-pocket payments are projected
to be more than $420 billion by 2015. If left uncollected,
such outstanding balances will strain the financial health of
hospitals and clinics already facing tight margins, declining
reimbursement and mounting operational costs.
Adventist Health System (AHS), headquartered in Florida, has
taken a pro-active approach to meeting these challenges. “As
more financial responsibility is shifted to the consumer, we have
to be very strategic about how we approach patient collections,”
said Tim Reiner, VP, Revenue Management for AHS.
To help address these dynamics, Adventist Health has deployed
QuadraMed Enterprise Self-Service technology to more
effectively engage patients online and at the point of service,
increasing their access to billing information and significantly
improving patient payments to meet their financial obligations.
A Step-by-Step Implementation
AHS initially implemented the QuadraMed Patient Portal to
give patients real time access to their account balances and
bill payment services. The convenience factor has increasingly
driven cash flow, as well as customer loyalty. Patients can also
use the portal to request appointments and pre-register for
their visits.
The next step was to deploy the MediKiosk™ to automate the
patient registration process and cut wait times, while minimizing
the purchase, printing, handling and filing costs associated
with paper forms. Empowering patients to sign consent forms
electronically, and enter and verify their own demographic and
insurance information has improved data accuracy. There
are now fewer claim denials, which reduces the
time required to rework claims and accelerates
In 2010, AHS expanded its self-service strategy to
give patients the ability to set up flexible recurring
payment arrangements on outstanding balances.
They can choose either online or point-of-service
functionality, whichever is more convenient. This
flexibility has not only streamlined billing workflow,
it has eliminated the need for patients to send a
payment coupon and personal check by return
mail or make a payment by phone.
According to Tim Reiner, “Offering patients a
self-service option to make recurring payment
arrangements supports the broader movement
to engage patients in the healthcare process by
providing access to medical information, whether
clinical or financial, in the most convenient and
efficient manner.”
44 campuses, 7,700 licensed beds
Florida Hospital:
National leader in cardiac care, 2,200 beds
Care for 4 million patients a year
55,000 employees
Tangible Benefits
Using QuadraMed ESS solutions, Adventist Health captures
more than half of patient payments through self-service
channels. And with the recurring payment capability in place,
collections have increased by an average of $150,000 per
month. The result is a valuable additional benefit – reducing
the administrative costs associated with managing patient
statements and processing verbal payments.
The Adventist Health online self-service strategy
extends to its referring physicians as well, who can
use the portal for electronic referral submission,
referral tracking and appointment scheduling.
Referral coordinators in physician offices no longer
need to place calls to a central scheduling office,
helping to bolster physician satisfaction and,
ultimately, patient volumes.
By driving patients to the portal and point of service, we’ve saved an
of six to ten percent on every dollar that avoids placement with
a collection agency.
Tim Reiner, VP, Revenue Management
“By driving patients to the portal and point of service,
we’ve saved an average of six to ten percent on
every dollar that avoids placement with a collection
agency,” Reiner noted. Credit card transaction fees
have also decreased by 20-25 cents per transaction
because the higher volume of credit card payments
has enabled AHS to negotiate more favorable rates
with its merchant services provider.
Qualitative Benefits
Self service has improved routine processes for
patients and staff alike, saving valuable time and
streamlining workflow. The QuadraMed MediKiosk
has decreased the average registration time by four
minutes per visit. Registration staff can process
multiple patients simultaneously, and the training
requirements for consent and privacy documents
are now much simpler. For example, at one AHS
facility, the admissions department saved 40 hours
per week, enabling a full time employee to focus on
other tasks.
Reiner also places value on differentiating AHS
for patients and referring physicians alike. “If a
patient realizes he or she can jump online, enter
demographic information and schedule a procedure
right away, we believe that will increase volume,” he
said. “And a more efficient workflow for physician
offices helps us develop stronger physician
relationships, also generating loyalty – and
stronger referral volumes.”
Offering patients a self“service
option to make
recurring payment
arrangements supports
the broader movement
to engage patients in the
healthcare process.
Tim Reiner,
VP, Revenue Management
For further information about the capabilities and
benefits QuadraMed ESS solutions can provide,
visit, or contact your
QuadraMed representative.
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