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Conference Exhibitors and Sponsors

Conference & Exposition Sponsors
ERICSA would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the exhibitors and
sponsors listed below for their generous contributions and support in making our 47th Annual
Conference and Exposition a success. Without their loyal support, the annual conference
would not be possible. Please take the time to visit the exhibits and thank those with the bright
ribbons attached to their conference name badges.
ACS, A Xerox Company
Active Government Solutions
AMS Imaging
Appriss, Inc.
Northrup Grumman Information Technologies
Auctor Corporation
The Center for the Support of Families (CSF)
Cincom Systems
Deloitte Consulting
Domestic Relations Assoc. of PA
Educational Data Systems, Inc.
Health Management Systems
HP Exstream
Northwoods Consulting Partners
Orchid Cellmark
Policy Studies, Inc.
Progressive Financial Services, Inc.
RCM Technologies, Inc.
RedMane Technology
SRA International
Support Consulting, LLC
System & Methods, Inc. (SMI)
The Work Number
US Bank
Informatix, Inc.
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
YoungWilliams P.C.
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
A b o ut t h e E x h i b i t or s a n d S p o n s o r s
ACS, a Xerox Company
ACS, a Xerox company, works in partnership with more than 1,700 state,
federal and municipal agencies, delivering flexible, reliable operations for
Booth #9
government. ACS processes more than 50 percent of all child support collected
nationally — about $14.5 billion each year— through reliable, comprehensive SDUs, which handle
payment processing, disbursement, customer care, and related services. We have also teamed up with
Protech Solutions, Inc., to offer state child support enforcement (CSE) agencies - a new web-based
solution, CSEnext, proven to dramatically improve child support case management and operations. Put
our expertise to work for you.
ActiveGovernment, part of Active Network, brings 30 years
Booth #19
experience empowering government agencies to deliver superior
service by improving the way they are delivered to, and accessed by citizens. The company’s solutions
include call center capabilities for a variety of programs and initiatives, citizen request management and
web content management. For more information, visit
AMS Imaging, LLC
Integrated Document Management Solutions
AMS Imaging, LLC. is a single-source company that can provide your
organization with complete resources for all your Document Imaging &
Booth #5
Content Management needs. By applying the most advanced
technologies to create electronic image and information management systems, AMS Imaging, LLC. offers
proven means to fully integrated management of your documents and data with our comprehensive
systems, services, and solutions.
Appriss, Inc.
Booth #20
Forty-two percent of child support is owed by persons with no quarterly wage records,
and approximately 10 percent are in jail. Appriss offers access to both historical and
currently incarcerated offender information to help locate non-custodial parents (NCPs)
through JusticeXchange.
Since 1994, Appriss has provided innovative technology solutions that help hundreds of local, state, and
Federal government agencies serve and protect their citizens. Through products like VINE® and
JusticeXchange®, Appriss is helping to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accessibility of
government agencies across the country.
Thousands of government agencies across the country trust Appriss to help them serve and protect their
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
What can we do for you?
Automated victim notification
Automated court information/notification
Automated protective order notification
Criminal justice information sharing, including analytics
High-speed mass notification
Law Enforcement tools to fight Methamphetamine production
Pharmaceutical tools to fight methamphetamine production
For more information about Appriss products and services, call (866) APPRISS (866-277-7477), email
us at or visit our website
Auctor Corporation
Auctor Corporation, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, provides
software systems, operations outsourcing, consulting, and documentation and training services to improve performance in organizations
involved in administering the Child Support Enforcement Program. Auctor developed and supports a
certified and feature-rich Child Support Enforcement system in several jurisdictions around the country.
Our new browser-based offering, CS-FAST, provides Child Support organizations an innovative and
cost-effective solution for updating or replacing legacy systems. CS-FAST is built on FAST, our generic
case management and financial framework and is designed to be 1) easy to adapt and use, 2) economical
to operate, and 3) effective in improving performance.
For more information contact Bob Orr at
The Center for the Support of Families (CSF)
Incorporated in 1991, the Center for the Support of Families is a leading, nationallyknown human services program management consulting and training organization that
has continually sought innovative ways to improve services to children and families.
Working at local, county, state, and federal levels to integrate new strategies and
technologies into both existing and new business procedures, CSF has played key roles
on several of the largest and most important child support and child and family services
Program Redesign
Practice Training Curriculum Development and Delivery
Development of Outcome Frameworks
System Implementation Training
Policy Analysis and Documentation
Social Marketing and Outreach for Human Services
Strategic Recruitment
Management Information Systems
Quality Assurance
For more information, visit our website
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
Cincom Systems, Inc.
Cincom provides the most-intuitive document automation solutions in the
industry. From real-time generation to fully-automated production, our
Booth #13
easy-to-use software solutions help government agencies strengthen
relationships, minimize compliance risks, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market for all their
document communications. With over two decades of experience, Cincom leads the industry in helping
government agencies move from aging mainframe-based applications to intuitive, web-based solutions
that satisfy end users’ needs for anywhere access while integrating easily with existing infrastructures to
deliver a rapid and continuous return on investment.
Deloitte Consulting, Inc.
Deloitte & Touche LLP, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Deloitte Financial
Booth #8
Advisory Services LLP, Deloitte Tax LLP and subsidiaries offer clients
a broad range of fully integrated services in areas that include accounting, assurance and advisory, risk,
tax, management, financial, technology and human capital consulting. Deloitte client service teams, under
the leadership of a Lead Client Service Partner, work closely with clients to create powerful business
solutions for organizations in the United States and around the world. With the added strength of the
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu member firm network, Deloitte U.S. has the ability to offer a true global,
integrated approach to business issues that combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines
with a wide range of business and industry knowledge to help organizations excel anywhere in the world.
Booth #27
The mission of DFAS is to provide accounting and finance services for the
military departments and defense agencies. Our mission is about the
customer. It is delivering responsive accounting and finance services to the
men and women in uniform, as well as to those who support the
warfighters defending our country. It is about providing timely and useful
business intelligence to decision-makers who, with the right information,
can more effectively manage their resources in support of our troops at
home and abroad.
DFAS is the world's largest finance and accounting operation and much more. Our mission has
expanded from providing what the customer needs today to anticipating how these needs will evolve for
tomorrow. Developing and maintaining close relationships with our customers is how DFAS meets client
needs with integrity, service and innovation. DFAS is an agency supporting the OUSD(C), the principal
advisor to the Secretary of Defense for budgetary and fiscal matters. As such, it is the responsibility of
DFAS to coordinate and collaborate with all civilian defense agencies, the military services and the
combatant commands that provide warfighting capabilities for America's defense.
The people of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) take pride in serving the men and
women who defend America. We take our contribution to national defense seriously. We work hard to
fulfill the important fiscal responsibilities entrusted to us by the American taxpayers. We ensure the
resources they provide are accounted for properly. DFAS Cleveland processes all court ordered
garnishment for child support, alimony and commercial debts for all military members and all civilian
employees paid by DFAS, plus court ordered divisions of military retired pay under the Uniformed
Services Former Spouses' Protection Act.
Please visit our website for more information:
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
Booth #26
The Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania is non-profit corporation
composed of Child Support professionals dedicated to improving child support
services in Pennsylvania. The association has over 1,300 members with
representatives from each of the 67 county Domestic Relations Sections (DRS) or
Family Courts, and the state Bureau of Child Support Enforcement (BCSE). In
addition to an annual training conference, specialized training and information
sharing is provided throughout the year.
Visit the DRAP website at for more information.
Educational Data Systems, Inc.
Educational Data Systems, Inc (EDSI) is currently working with the
Pennsylvania Bureau of Child Support and Local Courts to assist
non-working Non-Custodial Parents to find and retain family sustainable
Employment. To date this program assisted in the collection of over 5
Million Dollars!
Booth #17
EDSI has been assisting a wide range of businesses, educational and workforce board customers since
1979. EDSI is best known for its dynamic and innovative strategies for Customized Job Training (Skills
Balance Sheet), Enhanced Business Services and Job Placement (Tiered Employment) programs.
Presently, EDSI is contracted to design and implement programs in the states of Illinois, New York,
Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan.
Health Management Systems
HMS is the leader in coordination of benefits and program integrity services for
Booth #12
government healthcare programs. The company’s clients include health and
human services programs in more than 40 states, 90 managed care plans, the Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services (CMS), Child Support Agencies and Veterans Administration facilities. HMS helps
ensure that healthcare claims are paid correctly and by the responsible party. As a result of the company’s
services, government healthcare programs recover over $1 billion annually, and avoid billions of dollars
more in erroneous payments. HMS is headquartered in New York and operates offices nationwide.
HP Exstream
From HP, the world’s largest technology company, HP Exstream is a fully integrated
software platform for creating, managing and delivering all constituent communications
across the agency. From letters and forms completed interactively by agency workers,
Booth #3
to personalized text, email and web self-service documents generated in real time, to
fully customized batch communications produced in high volumes, HP Exstream saves millions of
dollars a year by eliminating point solutions, streamlining document processes, and significantly
reducing paper and postage. HP Exstream also ensures compliance and improves response by delivering
clearer, fully customized communications through the constituent’s preferred channel and in their
language. Agencies around the world, including State of California, State of New York Tax & Finance
Department, United Kingdom Department of Vehicle Licensing, État de Vaud, U.S. Department of
Education Student Aid, City of Dallas, Unedic, Rikstrygdeverket, and many others are substantially
reducing costs and improving constituent response using HP Exstream.
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
IDE Consortium
Booth #25
The Interstate Data Exchange Consortium is a group of states whose common
objective is to pool resources to provide cost-effective solutions for interstate and
intrastate child support issues. Currently IDEConsortium offers three unique
services to its member states:
• Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM)
• Automated Enforcement of Interstate cases (AEI)
• Parent Locate
The IDEConsortium is state-owned and operated. States may join as either Full Members or as Limited
Partners through a state contract containing a memorandum of understanding agreement administered by
the South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) which serves as the “Seat Agency.” Each Full
Member state has a representative and a vote on the IDEConsortium Board of Directors which meets
semi-annually. SCDSS provides oversight and maintenance of a contract with ACS Government
Solutions, Inc. for the development, operation, maintenance and marketing of the IDEConsortium
Informatix, Inc.
Informatix provides outsourcing services for payment processing, document
Booth #22
management and financial institution data matching (FIDM) in addition to a variety of
consulting services. We offer over 20 years of Child Support program experience, dedicated staff with
outstanding skills, and a commitment to finding innovative and effective solutions to our customers’ technology and business needs. To learn more about Informatix, visit our website at
Booth #18
Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp), one of the first NCSEA
Corporate Associates, has provided genetic parentage testing services
continuously since 1981. Known nation-wide for excellent quality and personalized service, LabCorp has
been at the forefront of improved technology for parentage testing. LabCorp offers a strong base of
technical dependability, sophisticated information handling systems and a comprehensive logistical
system for specimen handling in order to better service the Child Support community. Learn more about
our services by calling (800) 742-3944 or by visiting our website at
In today’s economy, government agencies are maximizing resources,
Booth #11
increasing collections, and enhancing overall productivity with revenue recovery and investigative tools
from LexisNexis Advanced Government Solutions. By prioritizing cases, locating and contacting
non-custodial parents, and monitoring accounts, child support enforcement agencies are able to collect
more revenue in less time with LexisNexis Revenue Recovery Solutions. LexisNexis brings over 30 years
experience in commercial collections to the government sector, and for child support enforcement
agencies, we know accuracy equals efficiency. We’ll help your agency increase efficiencies in collecting
outstanding revenue owed by reducing the amount of time and effort spent on locating the non-custodial
parents. LexisNexis provides single-source solutions and a dedication to service excellence ensuring that
child support enforcement agencies are able to make actionable decisions.
For more information, visit
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
MAXIMUS is one of America's leading government services companies
devoted to providing program management, consulting and information
technology services. Since 1975, MAXIMUS has consulted with states
on a variety of issues including child support. MAXIMUS provides child
outsourcing, call centers, consulting, technology services,
Booth #7
training, locate, collections, medical support enforcement, CSLN and
Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) support, Tribal and new hire reporting services.
MAXIMUS is strongly committed to serving our clients and our customers, while producing performance
numbers for child support programs that not only benefit the programs themselves, but also benefit the
children for whom the programs are dedicated.
For information about MAXIMUS call 1.800.MAXIMUS or visit our web site at
Northrup Grumman Information Technologies
Child Support contributes to the financial security of millions of
Booth #15
American families. Timely and accurate collection of financial
and medical support owed to children is a national priority and a key component of Welfare Reform. Over
the past 20 years the Child Support programs have made dramatic improvements in enforcement
processes and systems. The dedication and contributions of ERICSA have enabled its member agencies
to provide highly cost effective Child Support programs with an enviable track record in meeting their
commitments to assisting children to receive the support they are owed.
Northrop Grumman is a leading provider of Child Support Enforcement services and solutions. Our work
with the Child Support community began in 1985 when we partnered with Delaware to develop their
automated child support enforcement system. This was followed with our work in other states, including
our systems development and implementation in Montana – resulting in the first system in the nation to
achieve federal systems certification. Since then our child support systems practice has expanded to
include development and support work for other valued child support agencies, including Michigan,
Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.
Northrop Grumman has implemented more statewide Child Support Enforcement (CSE) applications
than any other company; we are currently partnered with four states to operate, maintain and enhance their
CSE systems. We also provide Quality Assurance and Independent Verification and Validation. We work
with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) providing technical support on the
expanded Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) and Interstate Case Reconciliation (ICR) to all state
CSE agencies.
Our Integrated Eligibility Systems are helping thousands of caseworkers assist hundreds of thousands of
customers. We maintain and enhance Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems
(SACWIS) for four states and Child Care systems for three states. Northrop Grumman’s technical
solutions span the entire spectrum of human service programs – from Child Care to Child Support - and
an array of technical platforms – from mainframes to web portals.
Learn more at
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
Northwoods Consulting Partners
Northwoods Consulting Partners, Inc., founded in 1997, is a
privately-held software development and services company
Booth #6
headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. Our Compass Software™
product suite is created solely to serve the needs of human services agencies nationwide.
Human services agencies everywhere are experiencing shrinking budgets and increased workloads. Our
solutions in Electronic Document Management, Document Imaging, Point-of-entry scanning, Automated
Electronic Forms, Scheduling, and Client Flow help agencies reduce costs while operating more
efficiently. In short, we help agencies do more with less.
For more information visit
Orchid Cellmark
Orchid Cellmark Inc, one of the largest and most experienced
DNA testing companies in the world, has been providing
Booth #23
confidential, accredited, parentage testing since 1979. With an
international specimen collection network consisting of thousands of sites, efficient UIFSA procedures,
and a highly automated DNA laboratory, typical results are available in 3 days or less, with an average
probability of 99.99% for inclusions. Client conveniences include extended customer services hours with
bilingual staff, electronic scheduling and case status capabilities, access to statistical reports, on-site
training and reports in other languages such as English, Spanish, and French. Finally, Orchid Cellmark
Inc provides expert witness testimony as requested.
To find out more on our industry leadership activities in the area of technology, quality assurance, and
customer service, please visit our booth or contact Craig Kelly at 504-913-5090 or at
Policy Studies, Inc.
Booth #4
Since 1984, PSI has partnered with public and private agencies to
develop policy and administer child support programs nationwide.
From consulting engagements to full-service program implementation and administration, we work with
our clients to develop the most effective solutions for transforming public policy like child support
enforcement into programs that achieve tangible results. For more information about our services, call
303.863.0900 or visit our Web site at
Progressive Financial Services, Inc.
Progressive has over 13 years experience in collection of delinquent child
support. Experienced with thousands of cases, and millions of dollars in
Booth #21
successful recovery of support that our children need and deserve! We offer NCP employer locating
programs, web based internet skip tracing, state of the art systems and experienced collection staff in 3
collection centers located in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. Manpower budgets are shrinking
– we can help fill the void recovering delinquent child support payments. For more information and to
learn more about our success, contact:
Ann McGough, Vice President, Marketing
Progressive Financial Services, Inc.
26810 Port Road • Millsboro, DE 19966
Phone: 800-731-0219 / 800-563-5835 • Email:
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
RCM Technologies, Inc.
Booth #24
RCM Technologies is a premier single-source provider of business and
technology solutions with a strong vertical focus offering an integrated
suite of services through a global delivery platform.
RCM has organized its National Health and Human Services Practice to address the need for experienced,
skilled consultants to plan, design, build and maintain State automated information and enforcement
systems. In addition to leading-edge technical skills, our consulting teams bring a wealth of knowledge
and experience in Child Support and Child Welfare support regulations at both the State and Federal level.
Our Human Services Practice Consultants each have on average over 25 years of experience working with
Statewide Automated systems projects and leading large-system implementations from multiple states
providing services for Project Management, Training Development and Delivery, WBT/CBT
development, Implementation and Help Desk operations. Most recently RCM provided materials
development, classroom training, on-site support and help desk services for the Michigan Child Support
System project (MiCSES) and the New Jersey Child Support System project (NJKiDS).
RedMane Technology
RedMane Technology is an information technology consulting company developing and
delivering custom solutions to help Public Sector & Commercial clients resolve their most
pressing business issues.
• We build applications for State and Local Government Health and Human Services
departments in areas such as:
▪ Child Support Enforcement
▪ Eligibility and Case Management applications for Medicaid, TANF, Food Stamps, etc.
▪ Child care
• RedMane Technology LLC provides large-scale, mission critical solutions using the latest
information technology so that our clients can efficiently deliver the best services to their
customers. We are known for:
▪ A team that excels in solving complex business problems.
▪ Delivering applications on time.
▪ A proven methodology and outstanding quality.
▪ Customers who are delighted with the work we do.
Please speak to our customers – any of them - about us!
SRA International
Since 1996, SRA International, Inc. has provided program management, information
technology oversight, subject-matter expertise, and daily operations support to the Federal Office of Child
Support Enforcement in designing and implementing the Federal Parent Locator Service. SRA and its
subsidiaries are dedicated to solving complex problems of global significance for government organizations serving the national security, civil government, and global health markets. Founded in 1978, the
company and its subsidiaries have expertise in such areas as air surveillance and air traffic management;
contract research organization (CRO) services; cyber security; disaster response planning; enterprise
resource planning; environmental strategies; IT systems, infrastructure and managed services; logistics;
public health preparedness; public safety; strategic management consulting; systems engineering; and
wireless integration. The company and its subsidiaries employ more than 7,000 employees serving clients
from headquarters in Fairfax, Va., and offices around the world. For additional information on SRA,
please visit
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
Consulting llc
Support Consulting
Support Consulting, LLC, provides advanced child support
consulting services to state and local child support
programs, child support firms, courts, and associations.
Founded by Jeff Ball in 2007, Support Consulting, LLC specializes in offering subject matter expertise to
entities interested in performance reviews and enhancement; organizational review; grant application,
implementation and evaluation; best practices implementation; and, CSE legal, policy and interstate
practice analysis. Jeff will use his 22 years in federal and private-sector child support and 28 years as an
attorney, and his national CSE practice knowledge and contacts to assist government improve
performance or implement change.
For more information, contact Jeff Ball at: or 513.697.6519 (landline) or 513.225.6740 (cell).
Systems & Methods, Inc.
SMI is a family owned and operated business founded in 1971. SMI is
dedicated to going the extra mile to deliver innovative processing solutions to
our governmental client family. SMI has strong values that influence our
business culture and provide a comfortable, productive, and fulfilling work
environment for our employees.
Booths 1 & 2
Our SMART® solution first implemented in 1999, delivers the cost effectiveness of our proven accurate
and efficient technology while providing essential workflow management ease. SMI eliminates the major
opportunities for processing errors experienced by many agencies. SMI offers a unique combination of
child support systems experience and program knowledge, payment and data processing, customer
service, and operations experience.
SMI understands the program, policies and practices essential to child welfare management. Our unique
approach to child welfare service delivery allows agencies to focus on the children instead of mounds of
SMI has considerable experience in financial management services to state and local human services
agencies and the financial community. Our SMILE™ Financial Management solution encompasses the
full life-cycle of government agency financial management from planning through federal reporting.
SMI’s reporting and data management solutions reduce cost, paperwork, and time necessary to access
client information essential in tracking and controlling services needed.
Our commitment to service, integrity and a family-to-family approach to doing business is the foundation
of our belief that success depends on long-term business relationships. SMI… Providing Better Solutions
that Make Life Easier.
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
The Work Number
The Work Number® is an automated service that provides over 190 million
employees a variety of human resource and payroll services, including
employment and income verification.
• Verifiers - Whether you are a lender, apartment manager,
Booth #10
pre-employment service, or other verifier, The Work Number makes getting
employment and income verifications easy. It is simply the fastest and most
accurate method available.
Social Service Agencies - Verify employment and income to determine eligibility of applicants
for Social Services.
Employees - The Work Number® gives over 190 million employees secure & convenient access
to a variety of human resource services ... 24 hours a day. Depending on what features your
employer has decided to offer through The Work Number, your account may include employment
and income verification as well as secure access to your W-2.
US Bank
U.S. Bank pioneered the government-funded market — launching
the first bank-issuer Child Support program in 2001. Today, the bank
Booth #14
is the leading provider of prepaid debit card programs to government
agencies, and was recently honored as the ‘Best Government-Funded Program’ at the 2010 Paybefore
Booth #28
The Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council is a non-profit
association. Its membership is comprised of participating public and private
child support enforcement agencies and professionals from all states west of the Mississippi River.
To find out more about our organization and our 2010 conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico,
visit our website
YoungWilliams is unique among child support service providers in that
Child Support Services
we specialize in child support. Our focus on delivering quality child Booth #16
support and customer services each and every day never waivers as child support is our company’s only
line of business.
In 1993, the attorneys of our affiliated law firm, YoungWilliams, P.A., were recruited to provide legal
services for over 30,000 child support cases in Hinds and Warren Counties in central Mississippi. This
group of attorneys and child support professionals shared a common desire to contribute to the children
of America. Part of this original commitment was to concentrate exclusively on child support, master
every detail and not be diverted by other business interests. YoungWilliams P.C. (YoungWilliams) was
created for this purpose. Our management team and staff of child support professionals are keenly attuned
to the needs and challenges of the child support program, and are intent upon forging strong and lasting
relationships with state and local child support agencies. This begins with fulfilling contractual goals,
exceeding expectations and earning the trust of our IV-D agency partners.
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
YoungWilliams now provides a variety of child support services in six states. Our services include:
Full Service operations
Enforcement Services
Paternity Services
Customer Service Call Centers
Professional Staffing
We are committed to doing an outstanding job for our government clients and the citizens we serve!
For more information contact:
Mary Ann Wellbank
P.O. Box 23458 • Jackson, MS 39225
Phone 406-933-8009
ERICSA 47th Annual Training Conference & Exposition
Lexington, Kentucky ‘10
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