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 Sustainable Economies: Challenges, Transitions and Trajectories Daniel Schiller Christine Tamásy Neil Reid Call for papers. Christine.tamasy@uni-­‐ The concept of ‚sustainability transitions‘ focuses on the transformation of socio-­‐technical systems, generally regarded as fundamental changes of economies towards a higher level of sustainability in production and consumption. Socio-­‐technical systems embrace different actors along the value chain, material and knowledge flows between them as well as the institutional context in which economic action is embedded. The spatial perspective is relevant because of the institutional embeddeddness of socio-­‐technological systems in particular spatial contexts and the multi-­‐scalar configuration of value chains. Evolutionary research has shown the importance of cognitive lock-­‐ins as blockages for transformation because economic actors prefer incremental change in established technologies and trajectories. But radical innovations are expected to play a more significant role for sustainability transitions. The acceptance for change by participating actors and the existence of change agents is a particularly important prerequisite for this. Their impact on socio-­‐technical systems is strongly influenced by perceptions of technological and economic feasibility with respect to the implementation of sustainability innovations. In addition, individual moral concerns and logics of responsibility play important roles. However, possible conflicts between the contribution of innovations to sustainable development and their acceptance are not very well researched. In addition, there is still a major conceptual and empirical research gap with regard to the spatial dimension of sustainability transitions. Therefore, this session aims at bringing together submissions on topics including: o
metatheoretical foundations of ‘sustainability transitions‘; conceptual foundations of the spatial dimension in studies on ‘sustainability transitions‘; quantitative and qualitative methodologies to study ‘sustainability transitions‘: ‘sustainability transitions‘ in different socio-­‐technical systems and spaces, e.g. energy systems, transport systems, food systems, waste management systems. If you are interested in presenting a paper on this theme please email Daniel Schiller ( , Christine Tamásy (christine.tamasy@uni-­‐ or Neil Reid ( with an abstract up to 300 words by Monday 2nd March 2015. 
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