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Final - iLocker - Ball State University

Student Members
Casey Byrnes
USGBC Students
Anna Pasquali
Richu Aby
Student Government Association
University Area Representatives
Julie Hopwood
Office of the President
John Emert
Academic Affairs
Mary Annette Rose
Applied Sciences and Technology
Lohren Deeg
Architecture and Planning
Stephanie Martin
Kevin Kenyon
Business Affairs
Sheryl Swingley
Communication, Info & Media
Michael Mayfield
Contract Faculty
Jon Lewis
University Dining
John Ludwick
Fine Arts
Charles Allen
Information Technology Services
Mai Kuha
Sciences and Humanities
Melinda Messineo
Science and Humanities
Klaus Neumann
Sciences and Humanities
Ro-Anne Royer Engle
Student Affairs
Michelle Dudka
Teachers College
Gina Bradburn
University Advancement
James Shimkus
University Libraries
John Taylor
Community Members
Rob Keisling
Barry Banks
Red-tail Conservancy
Jon Creek
Sierra Club
Warren Vander Hill
Administrative Support
Robert Koester
Council Chair
James Eflin
Resource Person
John Motloch
Resource Person
Augusta Wray
Green Development Specialist
John Vann
Green Initiatives Coordinator
Peggy Weis
Jeff Culp
Web Manager
Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2014
November 3, 2014
Casey Byrnes, Richu Aby, Michelle Dudka, James Eflin, Ro
Anne Royer Engle, Julie Hopwood, Stephanie Martin, John
Motloch, Andrew Raih
Guests: Jessica Poore, Valerie Hawkins, Holly Myers, Haley
Bruce, Ashley Laymon, Kyeonghyun Kim, Cara Wilcox,
Allison Miltenberger, Ricky Lamb and Eric Patterson students
from Melinda Messineo’s class; Tim McHenry, Sheryl
Swingley’s student and Robert Mailing, BBC photographer
The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm by the Chair,
Bob Koester. Bob welcomed members and guests.
A motion was made and seconded to accept as written the
minutes of the previous October 13, 2014 meeting. The motion
Bob asked everyone around the table, in turn, to introduce
themselves and identify their constituency.
Program Presentation
Full version available: Members Area of the Cote Website:
Melinda Messineo introduced her group of students who are part
of an Immersive Learning course in which they have undertaken
a campus-wide Survey. This is a Sociology Capstone course
affiliated with Building Better Communities. The students were
invited by COTE to research survey participant knowledge of
divestment, feelings toward divestment and evaluate the
increased awareness of divestment on campus resulting from
survey participation. The students designed a survey, received
Institutional Review Board approval and administered the
survey on campus via email and a table in the Student Center.
The group shared their preliminary results and will present a
final report during the BBC Showcase December 8, 2014 in
Cardinal Hall from 5-7pm.
Full version available: Members Area of the Cote Website:
Bob announced that the student- led EcoSummit was held November 1, 2014 in
the Student Center.
The group was provided with a copy of a letter from Jim Poyser, Earth Charter
Indiana, calling for action in their efforts to get a Climate Action Plan for
Indiana. ECI is urging the Environmental Rules Board to vote for a public
hearing on a Climate Action Plan. They ask for help in forwarding their petition
and in attending the scheduled November 12 ERB meeting.
Members Reports
Full versions of Member Reports are available: Members Area of the COTE
Jon Creek reported that his group has been working on the Osborne Woods
Restoration Project in the NE corner of New Castle. Jon noted his group has also
been active in the Anderson Reservoir project and urged everyone to attend the
panel discussion being held Thursday, November 6 in the architecture building
(AB 100).
Mike Mayfield reported that the Indiana Academy celebrated National Kale Day
with all things kale— with assistance from the BSU Dining Services group.
Mike also reported that students from the Indiana Academy took an ecological
tour of Costa Rica during the May term (2014). A group of AP Environmental
Science students participated in the Living Lightly Fair. Students also are
preparing a green/sustainability report on the school and Wagner Hall for
presentation to the administration.
Klaus Neumann’s report was postponed until December.
Bob shared the announcement that the 15th National Conference and Global
Forum on Science Policy and the Environment: Energy and Climate Change to
be held January 27-29, 2015 will be hosting a satellite conference from several
NCSE affiliates of which Ball State University is one. This will allow those who
cannot attend the conference in Washington, DC to share in the information.
Bob announced that the Building Innovation 2015: The National Institute of
Building Sciences Conference & Expo is scheduled for January 6-9, 2015 in
Washington, DC.
Green Funding Specialist
Full version available: Members Area of the COTE Website:
No Report
Green Initiatives Coordinator
Full version available: Members Area of the COTE Website:
No Report
Web Manager
No Report
The group was advised to make note of the revised reporting schedule printed on
the reverse side of the evening’s agenda.
Annette Rose announced that the Immersive Learning Course designed to
produce the fifth BSU GRI Report and to continue the IND Mobile Learning
Project is in need of students. Please have interested students contact Annette or
Bob Koester.
Jim Jones, Janet Fick, Kevin Kenyon and Dave Shepherd will be leading a LEED
Lab OM during the spring. They will pick a campus building and review all
aspects of its operations and maintenance.
The IND Solar Farm is doubling in size and is adding tracking to its system’s
The meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm.
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