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 Martin Williams WRITER | DIRECTOR | SP | EP FEATURE JAMES TURRELL: RODEN CRATER 3D (1x90’, 2014, in production) Arts Alliance, theatrical CO-­‐WRITER, DIRECTOR 3D feature doc about America’s finest contemporary artist of the modern age, building to the unveiling of his grand legacy project, Roden Crater. IMPOSSIBLE HISTORY OF ART 3D (1x6’ PILOT, 2013) Arts Alliance, theatrical CONSULTANT DIRECTOR Helped to craft a pilot for a series of theatrical films that will tell the stories of masterpiece art through the world’s greatest living artists. The series will go into production next year. DAVID ATTENBOROUGH’S GALAPAGOS 3D ( 4x50, 1x40’ IMAX, 2013) Colossus, Sky WRITER & SERIES DIRECTOR Sir David Attenborough unlocks the secrets of the Galapagos Islands. Breath-­‐taking 3D photography reveals the fauna and flora of this exotic archipelago in all its beauty. A powerful narrative takes the viewer on a journey through the islands fiery natural history, exploring the vital ingredients of nature’s greatest experiment.­‐shows/galapagos-­‐3d-­‐with-­‐
david-­‐attenborough. The giant screen film version is set for release in February 2014. KINGDOM OF PLANTS 3D (4x50’, book, app, 2012) Atlantic, Sky WRITER & SERIES DIRECTOR David Attenborough 3D series opens a totally new perspective on plant life. Filmed at Kew in 3D, macro and time-­‐lapse techniques show plants as dynamic creatures every bit as aggressive and active as animals. The giant screen film is set for release in 2015, wt Secrets of the Royal Garden 3D FLYING MONSTERS 3D (1x90’, 1x40’ IMAX 2011) Atlantic, Sky EDIT PRODUCER David Attenborough explores the evolution of the pterosaurs, the first flying animals. The film is regarded as a forerunner in the recent resurgence of broadcast 3D in the UK and worldwide. I was parachuted in to get the film back on track after problems in the edit. BROADCAST THE QUEEN’S GARDEN (2x44’, 2014, in production) Oxford Scientific, ITV1 WRITER, DIRECTOR With special access to the Buckingham Palace gardens, these films tell the story of a hidden oasis of life in the middle of London. Alan Titchmarsh discovers how years of careful planning and cultivation have created a place of rich biodiversity where life thrives and royals relax. THE BURROWERS: ANIMALS UNDERGROUND (3x60’, 2013) Dragonfly, BBC2 SERIES PRODUCER Chris Packham hosts a remarkable experiment in natural history filmmaking. By creating large scale purpose-­‐built burrows, setts and warrens for wild water voles, badgers, rabbits and moles, this series achieves magical, as yet unseen footage of Britain’s st
favourite animals. ‘Wind in the Willows for the 21 Century’. THE RISE OF ANIMALS (2x60’, 2013) Atlantic, BBC2/ PBS DEVELOPMENT PRODUCER Created the follow up to First Life and pushed through to commission. FIRST LIFE (3x60’, book, 2010) Atlantic, BBC2 & Discovery WRITER & SERIES DIRECTOR Triple Emmy winning series in which David Attenborough travels the world and goes back in time to explore the first animals on Earth and look for the blueprint of modern life. STEPHEN HAWKING’S UNIVERSE (1x50’, 2010) Darlow Smithson, Discovery DIRECTOR Stephen Hawking tours the universe in his mind. CGI and stylised live action. INSIDE PLANET EARTH (1x100’, 2009) Pioneer, Discovery WRITER, DIRECTOR High concept journey to the centre of the Earth asks how the planet works. GROWING BABIES (2x50’, 2008) Pioneer, BBC4 WRITER, SP & DIRECTOR Psychologist Laverne Antrobus investigates pregnancy and infant development. INSIDE THE LIVING BODY (1X100’, 2007) Pioneer, C4, NG, M6, RTL WRITER, SP & DIRECTOR VFX driven story of a human life from birth to death, told from inside the body. Old Coach House, Back Street, Wendover, Bucks HP22 6EB, UK +44 (0)79 7015 8413 Martin Williams WRITER | DIRECTOR | SP | EP RED ARROWS (1X60’, 2006) IWC Media & BBC1 Red Arrows selection and amazing flying. Julia Bradbury presents. EQUINOX: WAVE THAT SHOOK THE WORLD (1x50’, 2005) Pioneer, C4 & PBS Quick turnaround film on the Boxing Day tsunami. SAS DESERT: ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH? (6x60’, 2004) BBC, BBC2 Contestants compete to show that they are tough enough for the SAS. Dermot O’Leary presents. GREAT AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE (1x50’,2003) Pioneer, Discovery Characterful documentary about bikers on the centenary of Harley Davidson. WRITER, PD WRITER & PRODUCER DIRECTOR WRITER / DIRECTOR Sound Best Film Score Special Recognition for a TV Series Best Documentary Best 3D Specialist Factual Best 3D Film Outstanding Writing Best Nature Documentary Outstanding VFX Outstanding VFX Special Jury Award Gold Award TV Journalism Special Jury Award RTS Craft Awards Goldspirit Award Cine Golden Eagles Intl 3D Soc Awards Wildscreen Pandas BAFTA Awards Jackson Hole Emmys Emmys Emmys Emmys Cine Golden Eagles Remi Awards AAAS Awards Houston Worldfest Best 3D Photography Best Documentary Series Best Cinematography Innovation Award Best Presenter-­‐Led film Outstanding Cinematography Outstanding Editing Outstanding VFX Science & Nat History Outstanding Long Form Story Series Nomination Jackson Hole BAFTA Crafts Televisual Bulldog Awards Televisual Bulldog Awards Wildscreen Pandas Wildscreen Pandas BAFTA Crafts BAFTA Crafts Emmys Grierson Awards Emmys National TV Awards AWARDS 2013 2013 2013 2012 2012 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2008 2007 2007 2006 2005 2013 2013 2013 2013 2012 2012 2011 2011 2011 2006 2006 2005 Galapagos Winner Kingdom of Plants Winner Kingdom of Plants Winner Kingdom of Plants Winner Flying Monsters Winner Flying Monsters Winner Flying Monsters Winner First Life Winner First Life Winner First Life Winner The Living Body Winner Wave that Shook the World Winner Wave that Shook the World Winner Wave that Shook the World Winner Great American Motorcycle Winner Kingdom of Plants Nomination Kingdom of Plants Nomination Kingdom of Plants Nomination Kingdom of Plants Nomination Kingdom of Plants Nomination Flying Monsters Nomination First Life Nomination First Life Nomination Hawking’s Universe Nomination Wave that Shook the World Nomination Wave that Shook the World Nomination SAS Are You Tough Enough Nomination EDUCATION 1993-­‐1997 BSc (Hons) Zoology with year in France (2:1) 1987-­‐1992 A Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics Universities -­‐ Birmingham & Marseilles Marlborough College Old Coach House, Back Street, Wendover, Bucks HP22 6EB, UK +44 (0)79 7015 8413 
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