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Tricare Online Instructions

Medical Readiness Online Booking Instructions
STEP 1: Press the Log in button. * In order to book a PHA Part 1 through Tricare Online you must first
register with Tricare Online.
STEP 2: Once you login it will bring you to this screen. Log in using your CAC. Use your DoD certificate
(DO NOT USE) DoD Email certificate.
STEP 3: Click on Appointment Center
STEP 4: On the Drop down Menu next to “Reason” click “Preventive Health Assessment” followed by
the Search button.
STEP 5: Select and click a convenient date and time
STEP 6: In the “Reason For Appointment” box type in your branch of service and “Part 1” followed by
your requested readiness physical: PHA/ Pre-Deployment/ Separation/ Retirement/ Schools/ Sea Duty/
Overseas/ PDHRA/ DHA
Special Instructions
For all Part 1 Physicals, all service members should fast 12
hours prior to appointment in the event that fasting labs
are required. If you wear glasses or contacts, you must
remove your contacts 24 hours prior to your appointment
date and bring your glasses. Medical Readiness does have
computer stations but it is recommended that your online
medical assessments are done prior to your appointment.
Navy/ Marine/ Air Force personnel must bring a printed
copy of your online assessments.
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