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RezNext Distribution Insights Report on ADR index across hotel

Distribution Insights
report from RezNext
on ADR index across
mid-market hotels
in India
Our Distribution Insights report this month reveals the ADR across hotel segments in different cities
across star categories. The research team ploughed through large number of room bookings recorded
on our intelligence distribution platform from March till August 2014 and have presented key insights
on the ADR that will be very helpful to both our hotel customers and demand generator partners.
Mike Kistner, Chief Executive Officer, RezNext Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
ADR (Average daily rate) across business, leisure and mix profile of hotels
The hotels in this study are
largely in the 3 star (60%)
and 4 star (31%) category.
2 star and 5 star hotels are
very few in number.
ADR Rs 2,916
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ADR Rs 4,351
ADR Rs 3,048
ADR across top 10 cites in terms of room bookings
Bangalore is first in the list of top ten cities selling rooms at
an ADR of Rs 2,739. The large number of bookings received
for Bangalore were for the mix profile of hotels-catering to
both business and leisure stay in the 3 star category. Delhi
follows Bangalore with an ADR of Rs 3,221 again for the mix
profile of hotels.
Hyderabad and Pune are next in this top ten list. Hotel rooms
in Hyderabad sold at an ADR of Rs 2,695 where the bookings
were largely for business hotels in the 3 star category. In Pune
also the bookings were mostly for business hotels with an ADR
of Rs 2,905.
Highest ADR among the top ten cities is for Shillong at
Rs 5,275. The maximum bookings received in Shillong were for
leisure properties. Shillong is a popular summer destination
and these bookings received were for hotels in 4 star category,
largely for the month of June.
The royal city of Mysore has an ADR of Rs 3,596 which is
higher than Bangalore because most of the bookings received
in Mysore were for the luxury segment.
Rs 2,739
New Delhi
Rs 3,221
Rs 2,695
Rs 2,905
Rs 2,253
Rs 3,275
Rs 2,723
Rs 5,275
Rs 3,596
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Rs 2,739
ADR across hotel segments
Booking pattern during the day
The ADR across hotel segments from June to August 2014
was mostly constant. The large bookings in these months
are for business hotels in the 3 star category.
Hotel bookings begin to peak during late afternoon from
2pm to 4pm and the maximum bookings are made
during 9 pm to 12 am. This indicates that hoteliers offer
discounts based on occupancy and time of the day.
Rs 3,186
Rs 3,163
Rs 3,262
Time of the day
Avg. price band
Afternoon (12pm to 2pm)
Rs 3,405
Late Afternoon (2pm to 4pm)
Rs 3,463
Evening (4pm to 6 pm)
Rs 3,429
Late Evening (6pm to 9 pm)
Rs 3,364
Night (9 pm to 12 am)
Rs 3,281
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Booking window and impact on ADR
Hotel segments and booking trends
For bookings made 4 months ahead across all hotel
segments the ADR is Rs 4,050 as compared to an ADR
of Rs 3,395 for bookings made 2 weeks prior to arrival.
For the business segment and mix profile of hotel,
Thursday recorded maximum bookings were as for the
luxury segment the bookings were maximum on Friday.
The ADR further reduces to Rs 3,230 for bookings made
one week ahead of arrival. The lowest ADR is for bookings
received 1 day in advance at Rs 3,198.
Business hotels and the mix profile of hotels saw
maximum bookings for 3 star properties, whereas
maximum bookings for the leisure segment was for
4 star properties.
ADR for weekdays and weekends
The highest ADR recorded among
weekdays was for Monday at Rs 3,486.
But the maximum bookings received were
on Thursday where the ADR is Rs 3,226.
On the weekends - Saturday has more
number of bookings than Sunday with a
ADR of Rs 3,487.
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