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FF-118 – “US Foreign Airmail Routes (FAM)”

FF-118 – “US Foreign Airmail Routes (FAM)”
The Airmail Act of 1925 (Kelly Act) authorised the US Postmaster General to award
contracts for the delivery of US air mail by commercial carriers. Contract airmail routes
became known as “CAM’s.”
The US Post Office also designated any contract air mail route by an airline into/from a
foreign country into/from the US as a “Foreign Airmail Route“. These became known as
FAM 1 was awarded to Canadian Colonial Airlines on 1 October 1928
FAM 21 was awarded to Boston Maine Airways on 3 January 1941
FAM 26 was awarded to American Airlines on 9 September 1942
1. FAM 1 –Fairchild FC-2
Route Burlington, Vermont (KBTV) to New York La Guardia (KLGA) - 224nm.
2. FAM 21– Lockheed 10 Electra
Route Bangor Maine (KBGR) to Moncton (CYQM) - 190nm.
3. FAM 26 Douglas DC-3
Route San Antonio, Texas (KSAT) to Mexico City (MMMX) - 607nm.
Total flight distance 1,021nm.
If realism is not your prime concern, fly any appropriate aircraft
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