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2015 Portland ValenTango [Classes purchased at

2015 Portland ValenTango [Classes purchased at festival are $25/each] (Version 12/3/2014)
NOTE: All classes and milongas (except Wed & Mon Evening) are at the DoubleTree. Next ValenTango is Feb 10-15, 2016
Wed 9:00p-1:00a Opening Milonga, Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th. DJ Maria & Host Amy. $10.
Halsey Ballroom
Broadway Ballroom
Morrison Ballroom
Sellwood Ballroom
Beg: Paloma & Maxi
Embrace, leading, sensibility
and walks.
Int: María & Gustavo
Adapting posture and
vocabulary to your partner.
Adv: Tomas & Michelle
Tango styling
Adv Cpls: Macana Brothers
Antonio Todaro sequences
Thu 1:30-4:30p 50/50 Milonga, Cascade Ballroom. DJ Jessica and Host Mike. $10
Int: Luciano & Alejandra
1:30Beg: Tomas & Michelle
Adv: Paloma & Maxi
Lapiz and contra lapiz
Best navigation strategies.
Using different speeds.
Adv Cpls: Cecilia & Dominic
Unconventional musical
Beg: María & Gustavo A new
language—how to read and
write the tango vocabulary
Int: Macana Brothers
Turns in 3 (left and right)
Adv: Daniela & Hernan
Milonga: traditional and
non-traditional patterns.
Adv Cpls: Luci & Alex. Create visual effects with unexpected changes of direction.
4:30-6:00p Free Practica for those taking classes, Halsey Ballroom. DJ Timmy Tango
5:30-8:30p Mad Mobile Mixer, Cascade BR. Bring your cell phone for unique ways to meet new partners. DJ Kenny & Host Joshua. $10.
9:00p-2:00a Traditional Milonga, Broadway Ballroom. DJ Cristian & Host Jerry. $15.
Beg: Macana Brothers
Int: Tomas, Shorey & Michelle
Adv: María & Gustavo
Adv Cpls: Paloma & Maxi
Boleos and adornments
Paso basico and ochos
Waltz—exciting traveling turns
1:00-5:00p Analog Milonga, Cascade. Recordings & equipment are pre-digital—hear the difference. DJ Jim & Host Cathy $10
Beg: Cecilia & Dominic
Caminata in two systems
Int: Paloma & Maxi
Resolving problems in turns
Beg: Luciano & Alejandra
Different caminata cruzadas
Int: Daniela & Hernan
Giros in parallel system
Adv: Luciano & Alejandra
Adv Cpls: Daniela & Hernan
Defining roles and boundaries
Milonguero vs. salon with
in the embrace
Adv: Cecilia & Dominic
Salon and milonguero turns
Adv Cpls: Macana Brothers
Sacadas, ganchos and
boleo combinations
4:30-6:00p Free Practica for those taking classes, Halsey Ballroom. DJ Timmy Tango
5:30-8:30p Equal Opportunity 2-Song Tanda Mixer, Cascade BR. No restrictions who asks! Great prizes! DJ Kenny & Hosts Clay & Dan. $10
9:00p-3:00a Traditional Milonga, Broadway Ballroom. DJ Avik & Host Emily. $20.
10:00a-1:00p Special Free Beginner’s Milonga, Cascade Ballroom. Includes lessons on etiquette and conventions. Host Adam
Beg: Daniela & Hernan
Rebotes and changes
of directions
Int: Paloma & Maxi
Milonga - simple steps and
Adv: Macana Brothers
Enrosques, planeos & boleos
Feb 1:30-4:30p 50/50 Milonga, Cascade Ballroom. DJ Brick and host Mike. $10
Int: María & Gustavo Surpris1:30- Beg: Tomas, Shorey & Michelle
Adv: Cecilia & Dominic
ing changes of dynamics and
Connection: the 3 bodies
Grounding & Connection
counter pivoted decorations.
Beg: Macana Brothers My first
steps on the dance floor
Int: Cecilia & Dominic
Adv Cpls: María & Gustavo
Squeeze the music—taking
advantage of the nuances
Adv Cpls: Luci & Alex Balance and why leads and follows have different objectives?
Adv: Tomas, Shorey & Michelle Adv Cpls: Daniela & Hernan
Giros, ganchos and boleos
Turns: the 3 axes
4:30-6:00p Free Practica for those taking classes, Halsey Ballroom. DJ Timmy Tango
5:30-8:30p Sat Matinee Milonga, Cascade Ballroom. DJ Damian & Hosted by Emily. $10.
8:00p-2:00a Grande Ball, Broadway Ballroom featuring Alex Krebs Tango Sextet plus special guests and DJ Zeina. Beginner’s Lesson with
Paloma & Maxi (Technique in ochos and walking) from 8:00-9:00p. Performances at 11:00p. Hosted by Polly & Clay. All ages. $25.
2:00-6:00a Post Grande Ball (free cake & coffee) Cascade Ballroom. DJ Sabah & Host Will. $10.
Note: Coffee Bar stays open until 3:00a and Multnomah Grill will open at 5:00a during the Sat & Sun All Nighters.
Beg: María & Gustavo
Overcoming the fear of
Int: Macana Brothers
Barridas and arrastradas
(drag and swip)
Adv: Luciano & Alejandra
Adv Cpls: Tomas, Shorey &
Endless pivots—technique for
Michelle Off axis
perfect balance
noon-1:15p Free Lecture, Cascade. Hernan presents photos, videos and sounds of Golden Age orchestras and compares their styles.
Sun 1:30-5:00p Tradiional Milonga, Cascade Ballroom. DJ Beth Animal & Host Cathy. $10
Beg: Cecilia & Dominic
Adv: Paloma & Maxi
1:30Int: Daniela & Hernan
Adv Cpls: María & Gustavo
Different approaches to the
Musical Segments in simple
Vals—styling and musicality
Cardio milonga
Basic Step
Beg: Luciano & Alejandra
Weight changes to achieve
smoother tango
Int: Tomas, Shorey & Michelle
Sacadas for all
Adv: Daniela & Hernan
Sequences in close embrace
for crowded dance floor
Adv Cpls: Cecilia & Dominic
Different designs of boleos
4:30-6:00p Free Practica for those taking classes, Halsey Ballroom. DJ Timmy Tango
6:00-9:00p Milonga Medley, Cascade Ballroom. Alex’s Alternative Contrabandoneon Orchestra with DJ Varo & Host Vickie. $15
9:00p-2:00a Closing Milonga, Broadway Ballroom. DJ Shorey & Host Dan. All ages. $15 (Free cake & coffee afterwards.)
11:00p-12:00a Willkommen in Deutschland, Cascade Ballroom. Dance to golden age German tango (no charge)
2:00-6:00a Sunday Late Night Milonga, Cascade Ballroom. DJ Hernan & Host Adam. $10
Mon 7:00p-2:00a Mon Milonga, Conga Club, 4923 NE MLK Blvd. Lesson 7-8:00p and dancing ‘till 2:00a. Must be over 21 with ID. $10
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