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December 2014 Old Town Report Newsletter

Volume 14 No. 12 - Monthly Publication
December 2014
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this work party we will be filling out Member Data Forms
for the 100+ local members of Post 1000 and inviting
them to join Orcutt Post 534. From this mailing we expect
to get a 30-35% transfer rate of new members into our
post. With other new members and transfers we expect
over the next few months the transfers from Post 1000
will surely let us exceed our 2015 membership goal.
As I begin this article I would like to
thank a few of our post members who
came to the post on Wednesday evening and helped empty the post of everything so we could have the floors
done and then returned on Friday to
put them back. Keith Mason and his
Kerry Brooks
future son-in-law; Kerry Brooks, First Vice-Commander; First Vice-Commander
Jim Keleman, Jr. Past-commander, Don Alt, Executive
Committeeman and of course the good ladies of our Aux- Adopt-A-Highway
iliary unit who stayed and helped, as always. If you need We did, in 1989 when the Adopt-A-Highway program began.
help, the Auxiliary is always there with a helping hand.
Our next Highway CleanI hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with all their
Up will be on January 17
family and friends, that’s what it is all about.
and the crew will meet at
the Post at 8 a.m. Join us!
I want to take a few lines to say Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year to all our family members—Post, Sons, Orcutt Post 534 was one of
Auxiliary and Riders.
the very first community
We are in the process of getting some bids on a new roof, organizations to Adopt-AHighway back in 1989
we have had a few leaks and are working on it. We are
also applying with a couple of companies for some dona- when Cal Trans started the
program. Several times
tions to help cover the cost.
each year our Highway
Please don't forget our Toys for Tots barrel
Man, Grant Meyers plans a
in the Post. We would like to see the toys
date & time for a crew of
overflowing. There are a lot of kids out
Photo of Highway Man, Grant Meyers
Post family members to
there who need our help to give them a
work on cleaning-up our
very Merry Christmas!
two mile stretch of Pacific Coast Highway.
"Semper Fi"
Dennis Maher
Commander, Orcutt Post 534
First Vice - Commander
Membership is the life blood of the Legion.
Orcutt Post 534’s membership is growing.
The most recent membership report shows
that we are doing very well. Our 2015 goal
for membership is 285. We currently have
215 members who have paid their 2015
dues, and it is only November! By the time our goal deadline of May 2015 arrives, we expect to be well over 100%.
How will we exceed our membership goal? Simple, by
transferring members into our Post from Post 1000. Many
of you may not know that Post 1000 is strictly a post that
the Department of California places new members in from
their Direct Marketing Solicitations (DMS). It takes work
to make the transfers happen and that is why we will be
conducting a “Work Party” on Tuesday, December 9. At
Earlier this year Grant was the only person to show up!
So, Grant cleaned up the whole two mile stretch of Hwy 1
by himself. That almost brought our Adopt-A-Highway
program to a very untimely end! We have been doing this
good and worthy service for our community for many
years. On October 25 we had Grant Meyers, Gene Baird,
Doug Benson, and Ty Olivar served on the clean-up crew.
They filled 12 bags with highway trash in less than two
hours. Nice job!
This is a great activity
for new members to
help with at the post. It
only takes place a few
time a year. The more
people we have helping, the quicker the
clean-up is done!
The Old Town Report
American Legion Riders
With Thanksgiving now behind us, the
ALRiders would like to extend a very
Joyous & Merry Christmas to all the Post
members & their families. Please keep
our service men & women in your
thoughts & prayers during this Christmas
On Sunday, November 2, we held our Bikers Breakfast.
A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Gene Baird, Don Bailey, Suze Cody, Grant Meyers, Ty & Linda Olivar, Rick
Pieprzycki, Neil Brown, Teresa Ruffoni, Keith Mason,
Brendan Cokeley and Anthony Torres for all the hard
work! We gave half the profit, $75.00 to the Post at the
November Post meeting.
The next ALR meeting is Wednesday,
December 10 at 7:00 p.m. It’s been a
great year and on behalf of the Orcutt
ALR Chapter 534, we wish a very Merry
Christmas to all!
Until next month, get the wind in your face & ride safe.
Jim Banakus
President, ALRiders Orcutt Chapter 534/District 16
Auxiliary Unit 534
I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are all blessed and have so
much to be thankful for.
If you have not sent in your membership
dues, please do so as soon as possible.
On November 9, we participated in the USMC Toys for The dues are $25. We are not at 100% yet
Tots Poker Run. Those enjoying the day included about 8 and we would like to get there soon. If you have already
paid, Thank You.
ALR 534 members, ALR 211 & even HOG members
who all met at the Post to ride to the Elks. We had a great Happy Holidays to all of you. See you at the post.
Gloria Alvarez
The ALR participated in the Posts Veterans Day PinePresident, Auxiliary Unit 534
grove Cemetery ceremony. Some of us also participated
in the Solvang Veterans Day ceremony. It was a great
BBQ Pitt R affle
day to pay tribute to our present
On Monday, December 1 at 6 p.m.
Veterans & those who are no
we will raffle off a 36”x24” Santa
longer with us. They are not forMaria Style BBQ and a 1/2 Cord of
local oak wood.
The Solvang Julefest Parade is Saturday, December 6
and starts at 11:00am. Meeting location will be Solvang
Vets Memorial Bldg. parking lot at 10:15-10:30. Make
sure your bike is dressed up with Christmas decorations.
Tickets are $5.00 a piece, 3 for
$10.00 or 7 for $20.00. Tickets are
still on sale at the Post!
Executive Committeeman
Recent Item Discussions
Discussion in progress on Orcutt Post 534
rules with posting of same in the Post.
2015 Post Picnic will be an event with a
park location, food, drinks and live music.
What sports entertainment on TV at the
Post still under discussion. Continuing shortage of food
SLO Co. Toy Run is Sunday, December 7 leaving Avila utensils at the Post will be addressed. Post roof repair
financing is being explored.
Beach at 10:30.
Also, we will ride in the Orcutt Christmas Parade on Sat- Fundraising (reverse drawings, others being contemplated)
urday, December13 Meet at the Orcutt Post at 10:00 a.m. Don Alt
Executive Committeeman
& the parade starts at 11:00 a.m. No starting location
number for the Orcutt Parade as yet but more information
will be available via email. Again, remember to dress
your bike up with Christmas decorations, lights, etc.
The Santa Maria Parade of Lights is also Saturday, December 6, starting at 5:20 p.m. and we will participate in
it. Need to bring a can of food for the food drive. The
staging is on W. Stowell and you must come in from Depot St. Remember to dress your bike up with Christmas
decorations, lights, etc. Please arrive by 4:45 or earlier.
We are entry number 66 in the parade.
Lompoc Bobby Knudsen Toy Run Sunday, December 14
meet at Whistle Stop 0930, KSU 1000. Our Orcutt Post
534 is one of the stops! BBQ 1400.
Volume 14 Issue 12 — D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 4 — Page 5
The Old Town Report
Executive Committee
The By-Laws of Orcutt Post 534 states:
“Section 4.1 – Governance. The governance of the Post
is entrusted to the Executive Committee. Commander
shall be the Chairman of the Executive Committee.”
The Orcutt Post 534 By-Laws, Constitution and Post Rules
will be undergoing review and updated, with post approval, by a committee of Post leaders. Commander Maher has
appointed Rick Pushies as the chairman of the review committee since he sat on the committee the last time they
were reviewed. Dennis Maher, Commander; Ron Eickholt,
Second Vice-Commander and Larry Thomas, our new
Judge Advocate, is also on the committee.
Troop 91— Scouting Outing
Outing is a big part of the word Scouting. Orcutt Post 534 is a
big supporter of Scouting. We charter (sponsor
and own) Cub Scout Pack 91, Boy Scout Troop
91 and our newest Scouting family member is
Venturing Crew 212 which is focused on Youth
Leadership Training staff for the Los Padres
Recently about two dozen Scouts and Scouters (adults) went
camping (an outing) to the Pinnacles National Park near
Solidad, California.
Alan Munch
Americanism Committee Chairman
P.S. Here are a few pictures of their recent trip:
Voting Members of Executive Committee
Dennis Maher 480-559-6956
Keith Mason
1st Vice Commander
Kerry Brooks
2nd.Vice Commander
Ron Eickholt
Finance Officer
Bob Bumann
Dave Maher
Judge Advocate
Larry Thomas
Veteran Service Officer George Torbert 805-937-3960
Rick Pushies
Junior Past Commander Jim Keleman
Exec. Committeeman
Derrell Stagner 805-934-2355 None
Exec. Committeeman
Don Alt
Non — Voting Member of Executive Committee
Americanism Chair
Alan Munch
Sons of the Legion
The Sons of the Legion
would like to apologize
to all our loyal members
the supporters of our
"Hamburger Friday" but
this past month was cancelled due to the time change and the outside lighting that needs repairs. I myself
made the decision to cancel "Hamburger
Friday" for our members safety of getting
uncooked food and for the safety of our
Auxiliary President
Gloria Alvarez
SAL Commander
Sal Cruz
We will inform you once the repairs are
done and when we will resume once again
with our delicious hamburgers.
ALR President
Jim Banakus
Thank You
Newsletter Editor
Other Post Leaders
Grant Meyers
805-657-7232 None
Rick Pushies
Sal Cruz
Squander 534 Commander
Volume 14 Issue 12 — D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 4 — Page 5
The Old Town Report
Orcutt Post 534
The American Legion,
145 W. Clark Avenue
Orcutt, CA 93455
December 2014
Volume 14 No. 12 - Monthly Publication
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Orcutt Post 534 — December 2014 — Activity Calendar
BBQ Pitt Raffle
7 Post Breakfast
8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
9 Post 1000
Work Party
6-8 p.m.
6 p.m. Post Meeting
7 p.m. ALRiders
Training 6 p.m.
6 p.m. Executive
No Auxiliary
meeting December
2 p.m. Open House
honoring John Yurasek
Post Hours:
7 p.m. Son’s Meeting
(No Fiesta Night)
Happy Hour: M-F. 4-6 p.m.
Post Phone: 805-937-0651  Web Site:
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